In the first days of June, the fishmen nearby Da Nang province are very happy. Each people could earn 1.000.000 VND per day from the gift of god. That is Baby Shrimp.

(Mr. Trinh Giao Kim is landing his ship after harvesting baby shrimp)

Baby shrimp is available in most the seasides of Vietnam. The fishmen could collect it from June till October every year. Baby shrimps are usually available on top of the sea in day 5th and day 18th each month in Lunar Calendar.  Thus, people can easily collect the shrimp in the night. Mr. Trinh Giao Kim said “This season is good. The shrimp is available more. And the processing shrimp factory is paying us higher price than last year. We are very happy. Everyday I can collect 1 tons of baby fresh shrimp”. After collecting shrimp, the fishmen in Danang dry it under sunshine for 3-4 hours. Then they sell to the local factories. The dried baby shrimp is being supplied to factoried at price around 46,000 – 70,000 VND per kg. The price is 20% higher than it was in 2020. Therefore, the fishmen are trying the best to collect as much shrimp as possible in this season.

Dried Baby Shrimp in Vietnam, price of baby shrimp in Vietnam, producer of baby shrimp in Vietnam
(Fishmen are taking shrimp in bambo baskets for weighing nearby the seaside)

Since long time ago, Vietnamese dried baby shrimp is highly valued. It contains more than 60% protein. There is no bad smell in this shrimp. Thus, people use dried baby shrimp widely. The snack factories grind dried baby shrimp to powders and use it for their crispy shrimp snack. The noodles factories use baby shrimp in their noodles to make it more tasty. And Vietnamese family cook the dried baby shrimp with salt, sugar, chilli, garlic, etc. Nowadays, the Vietnamese exporters have been shipping this shrimp to many areas in the world. The main importers of Vietnamese baby shrimp are: Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand.

Dried Baby Shrimp 1-2cm, baby shrimp best price, exporters of dried baby shrimp in Vietnam(Vietnamese Dried Baby Shrimp size 1-2cm)

The dried baby shrimp is kept in cold warehouse with temperature below -30*C. At this temperature, the manufacturers can keep the shrimp for over 12 months. Dried baby shrimps are packed in 10kgs PE/carton or 11kgs. Then load in Reefer Container. The most important is humidity of baby shrimp. It can not be higher than 30%. Otherwise. the baby shrimp could be rejected. Every year, Vietnamese exporters send around 10,000- 12,000 tons of Dried Baby Shrimp to Worldwide. This is also helping the poor fishmen nearny the seasides in middle of Vietnam.