Black Pepper ASTA:
Moisture: 12.5% max
Foreign mattter: 0.2% max
Density: 550-570GL
Sterilized: Steam/ Heat
Packing: in 25kgs PE/PP bag


Hundred years ago, the traders dealt 1kg of black pepper price equal 1kg gold!

Thus. people called it as King of Spice. This spicy fruit is cultivated in South Asia and Southeast Asia and has been known to Indian cooking since at least 2000 BCE.

Price of Black pepper from Vietnam crop 2020

(Fresh Black Pepper Tree in Dak Lak province-Vietnam)

Nowadays, this spice is harvesting in Vietnam, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Madagascar. The Vietnamese farmers are planting it in huge quantity with 150,000 ha. Hence, their production around 240,000 tons. More than 40% of total black pepper in the world.

Since 2014-2015, the price of black pepper from Vietnam moved up to $10,000 per ton (500gl ASTA). Moreover, this price level surpassed cashew nut costing which always high.

Hence, all farmers in countries grow pepper, planted more and more. After 2-3 years, these new pepper trees give the first production. Therefore, the total supply of black pepper increased by 8-10%, while the demand increased only 2%.

Brazil farmers increased their production from 30,000 tons in 2016 to 80,000 tons in 2018. Furthermore, the expert is estimating production in Brazil increased by 28% in 2019. Cambodia increased production by 15% in 2019.

With all the above reason, the situation of “King spice” is falling. Black pepper price is now even lower than Cassia, Star anise!

The black pepper price of Black Pepper in Vietnam has been fallen. It went down from $10,000 per ton in 2016 till $2200 per ton in 2019.

In fact, at price $2200 per ton, the farmers are losing money. And this depression in black pepper price market won’t stop until supply-demand will adjust the market.

Moreover, the expert is predicting price trend staying at a high level until the end of 2020. Even some farmers are being bankrupted.

The head of big manufacturers and ministries in Vietnam, Brazil, India, Indonesia stays together in one room. Accordingly, they released the idea to grow Organic Black Pepper, cleaned, no pesticide residual. However, this is still hard with farmers because what they want is fast growing, money back immediately.



Harvesting new crop of black pepper in Vietnam, total production of black pepper in 2020 is very good.
(Organic Black Pepper plantation)

The most wanted size black pepper are listed below:




(Vietnam Black Pepper ASTA Machine Cleaned, Sterilized )

The specification of Vietnam Black Pepper ASTA as:
Moisture: 12.5% max
Admixture: 0.2% max
Density: 500-550-570-580gl
Packing in: PP/Paper bag 25/50kgs
Container capacity: 15MT/20ft, 27MT/40ft

There are 2 methods of Sterilized Black Pepper: ETO Treated and Steam Treated




Price of black pepper new crop from Vietnam, black pepper 500gl best price.

(Black Pepper FAQ – GOOD PRICES)

The specification of Vietnam Black Pepper FAQ as:
Moisture: 13.5% max
Admixture: 1% max
Density: 500-550-570-580gl
Packing in: PP/Paper bag 25/50kgs
Container capacity: 15MT/20ft, 27MT/40ft




white pepper vietnam, price of white pepper Vietnam

(White Pepper Double Washed 630gl)

Specification as:
Moisture: 13.5% max
Admixture: 0.2% max
Black seeds: 2% max
Density: 630gl min
Sterilized: ETO or Steam




Price of black pepper light berry, black pepper 200gl, black pepper 250gl in Vietnam

(Black Pepper low density: 200gl, 300gl, 400gl, 450gl)

Specification as:
Moisture: 13.5% max
Admixture: 2-5% max
Density: 200-250-300-400-450gl
Use for: grinding or extracting oil




Pinhead black pepper from Vietnam best price, new crop black pepper pinhead 2020

(Black Pepper Pinhead 2mm)

Specification as:
Moisture: 13.5% max
Admixture: 2% max
Size: above mesh size 2mm (80% min)
Use for: grinding


Price of black pepper ground mesh size 28-32 from Vietnam

(Black Pepper Ground mesh 28-32)

Specification as:
Moisture: 12% max
VO: 1.5% min
Piperine: 3.5% min
Above mesh size 28: 90%
Ash: 5% max
Packed: in PE/PP bags 25kgs


(Black Pepper Fine Ground mesh 50)

Specification as:
Moisture: 12% max
VO: 1% min
Piperine: 1.5% min
Above mesh size 50: 90%
Packed: in PE/PP bags 25kgs

And, we Elmar would like to offer you our high quality and price of black pepper in Vietnam as below:

Commodity: Vietnam black pepper

Trademark: NATURAL ELMAR or As per clients’ requirement

Types: black pepper, white pepper, whole, powder, sterilized

Annual capacity: 3000 MTs /month

Delivery time: 3-5 working days after receiving deposit or original L/C and label confirmation

Crop time: January- April every year

Packing: bags 25-50kgs

Shelf life: 24 months

We have new modern factory. Which is certified HACCP, ISO22000:2018, SSOP. Hence, We assure the black pepper fully dried, correct density, mesh size, enough weight, the newest crop. And the importance thing: we do big scale, then, good black pepper price accordingly.

We have been exporting our Black Pepper to more than 50 countries in the world. And for sure, customers are satisfied with quality with SGS inspected before shipment.