Since decades ago, the Fracnh called Saigon as “Pearl of the Orient“. It proves lot of good things from Vietnam. There is more than 3000kms seaside. Hence, seafoods is one of the main exporting product from Vietnam. The total exporting value of Vietnames seafoods was 8.54 billion US Dollar in 2019. And one of the most favourite products is: Dried Baby Shrimp.

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(Dried Baby Shrimp size 1-2cm from Vietnam)

There are several provinces where people harvest natural baby shrimp. For example: Thanh Hoa, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Nam, Phu Yen, Ninh Thuan, etc. The baby shrimp season is from April till August every year. Farmers collect baby shrimp in the evening. They use a small boat with special equipments. One farmer could have 500kgs of fresh baby shrimp in a night. After that, they dry the shrimp under sunshine for 3-4 hours. And then sell to the producers/exporter of dried baby shrimp.

Dried baby shrimp for exporting from Vietnam, best price of dried baby shrimp in Vietnam(The shrimp is packed in vacuum PE/carton 10kgs)

There are several quality of baby shrimp from Vietnam. It depends on which area the shrimps were collected. However, the producers of shrimp use to supply the frozen dried shrimp to the world. The specification as below:

Moisture: 15-25%
Admixture: 1-3%
Protein: 60%
Size: 1-3cm

The shrimp is loaded in Reefer container to assure the quality. The consumers can use baby shrimp for cooking or further processing. Noodle factories also use baby shrimp as one of the main ingredients.

(Dried baby shrimp without sands, fish)

We Elmar as producer of spices/ foods also process baby shrimp. We supply to domestic noodle factories and exporting. Our dried baby shrimp is carefully selected, packed and stored in cold warehouse. And the quality is passed SGS inspection before any shipments.

Finally, if you want to buy this special shrimp at cheap price, good quality, please buy in season from April till August. We will be happy to update prices for you anytime.