The Corona Virus is being a nightmare with people all over the world. It has been 4 months since Corona was found in China in 19th Dec 2019.

One people got infected, he/she could bring this Corona to other 13-15 people. It is spreading widely, and very quickly. There are 3 million people infected. More than 200,000 died until April 7th 2020. USA has almost 1 million cases. Europes countries got more than 1 million people infected.


(Checking body temperature at Noibai airport-Vietnam)

For centuries, China is the biggest market of agriculture from Vietnam. The Chinese consumes 70% of fresh vegetable, 45% of cashew nut and 30% of black pepper from Vietnam. And now, the Chinese is deeply sick because of Corona. Therefore, Vietnamse farmers are sick because of no selling.

Vietnam dragon fruit for exporting

(Dragonfruit- one of the main items which the Chinese import from Vietnam)

The Vietnamese-Chinese border gates in Langson, Quangninh provinces were closed since end of January 2020. Hence, all the trucks are stucks nearby border gates. Fresh dragon fruit, fresh watermelon has been rotten day by day on trucks.

(There are 2000 tons fresh dragon fruit nearby Langson border gate got stucked)

Not only fresh dragon fruit, water melon but also cashew nut, black pepper business are affected. The Chinese business man used to come to Binhphuoc provices. They bring cashew nut and black pepper back to China by trucks. Each trucks carry 19-22 tons. All was stopped when border gates closed.

Moreover, USA, EU, Middle East countries are also main clients of Vietnamese products. Now most of these countries are locked down.

As result, prices of Vietnamese agriculture come down. Exspecially cashew nut price, it comes down from $7400 per ton to $6100 per ton within 2 months.

Vietnam Cashew Nut Price Come Down

(Vietnam Cashew Nut is affected due to Corona, price come down)

However, as per scientists, the Corona Virus is weak at temperature above 25*C. Hence, the world is waiting for a summer redemtion. The hope of people is lying on next 2 months.

Updated till April 28th, there are 270 people got infected Corona in Vietnam. The price of cashew nut curshed to $6100/MT then little up to $6400/MT, Dried Mango is $7250/MT, Coconut price keeps high. There are several contries got lockdown such as: India, Jordan, South Africa, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, New Zealand, USA, EU countries.

Finally, we share to help each other. There are 2 main tips for fighting against Corona Virus:

1. Washing hands by Soap at least 20 seconds before eating, after meeting people.

2. Drinking warm water every 15 minutes. Because Corona can not infected to your body through mouth in warm condition.