Since 2000 years BC, the farmers, villagers of Vietnam used to bring special things for the King. And two of these things are: Jackfruit and Mango.

Jackfruit from Vietnam has alot of mineral and vitamins. It is also rich source of fibers.

(Jackfruit in Vietnam-one of the most delicious Tropical fruits)

And nowadays, people in the world is using it as a kind of superfoods. The dried jackfruit from Vietnam as more than 20 minerals and vitamins. In 100gm of fresh jackfruit, it brings: 25% of Vitamin B6, 17% vitamin C, and 10% of potassium of DV.

In order to retain the mineral, fiber of jackfruit, Elmar has built our newest production lines for making dried jackfruit from Vietnam.

There are 2 types of dried jackfruit in Vietnam:

1. Crispy Jackfruit Chips under vacuum drying technique:

Price of jackfruit chips from Vietnam is more competitive than Thailand while quality is similar. Jackfruit chips from Vietnam is instant, crispy.

Vacuum Dried (Sublimation drying in a vacuum environment): sublimate the fresh jackfruit in a environment without air. The product is the removed of all the water vapor released from the jacfruit in the vacuum condition when the product is dried by suction from the vacuum.

As the jackfruit is dried under vacuum conditions with special conditions, the finished-product still remains original color, shape, and not oily.

Jackfruit chips best price from Vietnam, vacuum drying. Good price, crunchy, delicious jackfruit chips snack.

(Jackfruit chips vacuum drying snack as finished product, ready for packing)

The moisture of jackfruit chips is 5% max. Hence, it is crunchy, no change in shapes, colors. And retain the original taste of jackfruit. Moreover, the chips are free from bacterias. This is quite gilf of natural fruit instant snacks for our children.

2. Natural Dried Jackfruit under AD technique:

Air Drying (Heat Drying): we use of high temperatures to dry the jackfruit chips in the chamber to remove water from the fresh fruit. And the condition of chamber is 50-70*C. It is equivalen to the drying under sunshine. In addition, the progression is without oil. Hence, dried jack fruit has no oily, retains the original minerals, vitamins.

And the most importance thing is that it retains the same taste and flavor of fresh jackfruit. Therefore, you can taste 100% flavor of fresh tropical dried jackfruit in Vietnam. Even you are far thousand kilometters.

Natural dried jackfruit at competitive price, ISO22000:2018, HACCP certified

(Dried Jackfruit Air Drying as finished product, ready for packing)

We packed dried jack fruit in bulk, retail as per client’s requirement. And the price dried jackfruit in Vietnam made by AD technique is more expensive than the another one.

Packing of Dried Jackfruit from Vietnam. The jackfruit chips is packed in alumi foil and outer carton.

We export Dried Jackfruit from Vietnam to many other countries. The dried jackfruit from Vietnam is certified HACCP, ISO22000:2018

(Packing of Dried Jackfruit in Vietnam, 7kgs Alumi/carton and loading shipment)

Beside of jackfruit, we also process other tropical fruits. For example: Mango, Banana chips, Papaya chips, Sweet Potato chips purple/ yellow, Lotus Seeds, Dried Mango, Taro.

(Dried mango from Vietnam under Air Drying technique)

Dried jackfruit and dried mango in plastic can

(Raw dried mango in plastic canister)

Producing dried mango in Vietnam

 (Processing dried mango air dried, primum quality dried mango)

With modern factory, highly equipped, we are making dried jackfruit from Vietnam and dried mango, other fruits. Our factory is nearby Mekong river which is our advantage for sourcing raw fresh fruits. Hence, Elmar is offering dried jack fruit price from Vietnam at high quality, 100% pure, and very competitive price.

All in all, we would like to offer you price dried jackfruit, and dried mango in Vietnam based on terms and conditions:

Commodity: Vietnam Dried Jackfruit & Mango

Trademark: Natural Elmar  or as per clients’ requirement
Types: Vacuum drying or Air drying
Annual capacity: 2200 tons
Delivery time: 7-10 working days after receiving deposit or original L/C and label confirmation
Guarantee time: From April/May and September/October
Packing: 7kgs alumi/carton or retail packing
Shelf life: 12 months

(Nutrition facts of dried jackfruit from Vietnam)