Vegetables and fruit exports in June 2023 are estimated at nearly 1 billion USD, up 2.7 times compared to June 2022. Accumulated in the first half of 2023, the export turnover of vegetables and fruits is about 3 billion USD, nearly equal to 3.16 billion USD of export turnover of the whole year 2022.

The Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association said vegetables and fruits exports became vibrant from the end of 2022 when the Chinese market reopened. Since the Lunar New Year, many fruit products continue to be welcomed by the Chinese market such as dragon fruit, durian, jackfruit, mango, etc.

Durian is leading in terms of export turnover in the fruit industry.

Notably, the export value increased dramatically from the last 02 weeks in May 2023 when it reached over 400 million USD; double compared to the previous 02 weeks. In May 2023, fruits and vegetables exports also set a record of export turnover of 656 million USD, up more than 80% compared to May 2022 and 67.7% compared to April 2022.


In June 2023, the export of vegetables and fruits “exploded” strongly, with an increase of 2.7 times compared to June 2022, bringing the turnover to 01 billion USD in just one month. This is almost “unbelievable” because, in the past, the average export turnover of vegetables and fruits has always fluctuated below 300 million USD.

In just one month, the export of vegetables and fruits earned 01 billion USD. This is an unprecedented figure in the industry history of more than 30 years of participating in export. Up to now, only seafood, wood and wood products have recorded export turnover of over 01 billion USD in a month.

Analyzing the market, the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association said that: In the top 10 largest fruit and vegetable export markets of Vietnam, China ranks first with nearly 63.5% market share, up more than 12.4% over the same period last year (turnover reached nearly 1.3 billion USD in the first 05 months of the year). Exports to other markets including Korea, Japan, and the Netherlands all grew well. Exports of vegetables and fruits to the US market recorded a decrease of 12% compared to the same period last year.

According to businesses, the increase in Vietnamese fruits and vegetables exports is thanks to China’s increased purchases. In particular, the protocols signed with this country last year have provided Vietnam’s fruits and vegetables exports many advantages. This year, although China strictly controls technical barriers, food safety, and hygiene, Vietnamese goods with increasing quality and competitive prices are favored by consumers.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tung – Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association commented: Currently, many Vietnamese fruits enter the harvest season, so fruits and vegetables exports this year have more export opportunities.

In particular, star apple and rambutan are available almost all year round to meet the orders of the business, so the selling price is many times higher. Only the area of 05 types of fruits including dragon fruit, mango, rambutan, durian, and longan has accounted for over 62% of the total harvest area, and the output accounts for over 54% of the total production.

Star apple is available amost all year round for exports.

Regarding export fruits, durian is the item with the strongest increase. In the first 05 months of 2023, durian exports reached more than 503 million USD, more than 18 times higher than the same period last year (27.6 million USD). Durian is mainly exported to China, accounting for 84.3% of total durian exports.

This growth rate is the result of Vietnam and China signing the Protocol on phytosanitary requirements for durian exported from Vietnam to China in July 2022.

Currently, Vietnam is asking China to open the door for other vegetables and fruits such as green-skin grapefruit, fresh coconut, avocado, lime, pineapple, star apple, etc to further promote the export of vegetables and fruits to this market.

Regarding processed vegetables and fruits, in the first half of 2023, export turnover is about 550 million USD, up 24% over the same period in 2022. This is a segment that always maintains a good growth rate, with much potential for development. It is due to the increasing demand for processed fruits and vegetables from people around the world./.