To increase the impact,  trade promotion needs to expand more than both quality and quantity. The State should invest in trade promotion in many forms, for example, opening fairs, and organizing delegations to go abroad to find customers and markets…

According to Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai, in the context of a more difficult world economy, global inflation at a high level, interest rates, and currency devaluation in many countries increased…, the Vietnam Trade Promotion Department and the system of trade promotion agencies has constantly made great efforts to fulfill the tasks assigned by the Government, Ministry of Industry and Trade, and enterprises.

Vietnam participated in the Seoul Food Exhibition 2022.


In the past year 2022, the Department of Trade Promotion has directly organized and coordinated with localities to open hundreds of trade programs, online conferences, or direct and online combinations with foreign partners in the field of agricultural products, processed food, consumer goods, mechanics, supporting industries, textiles, footwear, logistics… in key and potential export markets such as the United States, China, Japan, EVFTA, CPTPP, South Asia, Africa,…

In particular, over 60 online export consultation sessions are organized to provide information related to international commitments on products for import and export, regulations, standards, and conditions for the import and export of Vietnamese products with strengths and potentials (rice, tea, dragon fruit, cashew nuts, seafood, wooden furniture, industrial products…) of countries, markets in the world (Korea, China, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Africa, Europe, America…).

However, Mr. Vu Ba Phu, Director of the Trade Promotion Department, said that trade promotion in 2022 had many difficulties and limitations. These are limited resources and financial support mechanisms for trade promotion activities that have not been timely adjusted.

Along with that, the organizational model of trade promotion agencies in localities has not been agreed, causing difficulties for trade promotion agencies in both central and localities. As a result, it is difficult to unify the implementation of trade promotion activities, supporting businesses, and industry associations.

Vietnamese agricultural products were introduced at the Korea Fair.

Many trade promotion organizations have not actively invested in research and innovation in the implementation of trade promotion activities and improved trade promotion capacity in the organization. Therefore, trade promotion activities are still implemented in a rut.

From an enterprise perspective, Mr. Phu said that many businesses have not been proactive in finding information, mechanisms, and policies, researching markets, evaluating partners, coordinating with trade promotion organizations to develop plans, and participating in implementing trade promotion activities to anticipate opportunities from the market, especially FTA markets.

There is a lack of professional human resources with foreign languages, skills in trade promotion negotiation, the ability to catch up with modern consumption, know how to update information technology to carry out trade promotion and export promotion activities to international markets.

Many enterprises have not consciously invested in product development, focused on improving and controlling product quality, improving competitiveness, and meeting import market regulations on quality, food hygiene, safety, traceability, and non-tariff technical barriers./.