Accounting for 27.2% of the market share, the US remained the key export market of Vietnam’s pepper in January 2024.

According to the Vietnam Pepper and Spice Association, in January 2024, Vietnam exported 17,537 tons of pepper of all kinds (black pepper reached 15,434 tons, white pepper reached 2,103 tons).

The total export turnover of pepper reached 70.1 million USD: black pepper reached 59.0 million USD, and white pepper reached 11.1 million USD. Compared to December 2023, the export volume decreased by 13.3%, and turnover decreased by 9.7%.

The US remained the key export market for Vietnam’s pepper in January 2024.

The average export price of black pepper in January 2024 was 3,851 USD/ton, and white pepper was 5,310 USD/ton, up 3.3% for black pepper, and 2.3% for white pepper compared to December 2023.

The top export enterprises in January included Nedspice Vietnam 2,147 tons, Olam Vietnam 1,819 tons, Tran Chau 1,295 tons, and Phuc Sinh 1,078 tons.

Regarding the market, the US remained the key export market of Vietnam’s pepper in January with 4,774 tons, accounting for 27.2% of the market share. However, compared to December 2023, it decreased by 23.1%.

India is the second-largest export market with 1,367 tons, accounting for 7.8% which was up 35.2%. Exports to China decreased by 54.8%, reaching 466 tons.

In the opposite direction, in January 2024, Vietnam imported 2,510 tons of pepper, including 2,379 tons of black pepper and 131 tons of white pepper. Total import turnover reached 9 million USD. Compared to December, the import volume increased by 22.6%. Olam, Lien Thanh, and Tran Chau are the three largest importers. The import volume mainly came from Brazil 1,960 tons, accounting for 78.1% and up 54.0% compared to December 2023./.