The greatest challenge for Vietnamese people came in 2021. That is Covid 4th wave.

The Delta Covid-19 infected to Hochiminh city since May. There were 10-20 cases a day dectected. After 2 months, the cases were detected grew to 200 cases, 300 cases, 500 cases a day. And the Government ordered the lockdown whole city. However, the Delta variant shows how the world should be worried about it. The hospitals in Hochiminh have been overloaded. The cases have been moving up from hundred cases to thousands cases a day. According to Vietnamese Ministry of Health on August 18th, 8852 cases detected in Vietnam and more than 3800 cases in Hochiminh city.

Covid in Vietnam

(Lockdown in Hochiminh city)

Vietnam defeated Covid-19 for 3 times since 2020. However, the 4th way with Delta Virus has been making lot of troubles. Most of workers in Hochiminh city are from the South provinces such as: Ben Tre, Tra Vinh, Long An, Hau Giang, Bac Lieu, Tien Giang, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai etc. Thus, the Covid spreading to all provinces nearby Hochiminh.

Coconut factories in Ben Tre are closed. Black pepper factories in Dong Nai province are closed. Cashew Nut factories in Dong Nai in Long An province are closed. Binh Duong province where are the place of industrial production, is the 2nd biggest destination of Covid in Vietnam. Most factories are closed there.

Therefore, Vietnamese people has been facing 2 biggest challenge now:


1. No raw material for factories. Thus, 10-20% production capacity:

Due to lockdown, farmers are asked to stay at home in some provinces. Thus, no raw material for production. No coconut, very less black pepper are being brought to factories. The production capacity of manufacturers is reduced to 10-20%.

2. Transportation is being freezed:

Each provinces have to take their own responsibility for the covid situation in their places. Hence, the leading officers in each provinces request strictly for in-out people. Whoever wants to come in any place must show their test report of Covid-Negative and the Allowance from officer. So the transporation between provinces are being stuck. Airports are restricted for any flights from Hochiminh to other provinces.

(The road has very less people in traffic. There are only polices, military and supporters )

The vaccinated program:

Vietnamese Government provided the vacinnated priority for Hochiminh city. There are  4,567,656 doses injected. Equal  65.56% citizen aged above 18 had the 1st shot. However, it has been 15% Vietnamese citizen had vaccine. And the road to vaccinated protect country will be estimated at least 6 months ahead.

(Vaccinated program in Hochiminh)

Finally, the Vietnamese people and the Government have been trying their best to protect each other. And the experts estimates to have 70% citizen vaccinated by February 2022, to defect Covid-19 once and for all.