The Director of Ngu Hiep Durian Cooperative said that in recent days, durian prices have been up and down unstably.

Currently, durian prices at retail outlets are still at a high level. Specifically, Ri6 durian costs 130,000 VND/kg and Thai durian 110,000 VND/kg. Meanwhile, in some supermarkets, durian Ri6 costs 95,000 VND/kg.

The export price of durian unexpectedly cooled down.

Notably, Chaly and Thai Dona durians are sold at 80,000-85,000 VND/kg in some places.

Mr. Nghia, the owner of a durian store in Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City, said that Chaly durian is a variety of Thailand that is sticky, fatty, and has a carrot orange color. Last year, Chaly durian cost more than 100,000 VND/kg, but this year, the price is cheaper due to the slow consumption of the Chinese market.

Mr. Huynh Tan Loc, Director of Ngu Hiep Durian Cooperative, Tien Giang province, said that in recent days, durian prices have been up and down unstably. Durian type A is currently sold at 77,000-78,000 VND/kg while previously priced from 80,000-85,000 VND/kg. Durian type B is 15,000 VND lower.

“With the purchase price of 78,000 VND/kg plus other costs, if selling to the Chinese market, it is certainly not profitable. Besides, although consumption in China is slow, traders still compete to buy. So, durian trading activities are competitive and risky. I had just sold five shipments and now staying home. In about a month, the durian season in the West comes, and I will continue to buy for export” Mr. Loc said.

Mr. Phung Van Long, Director of Ea Sol Farm Agricultural Cooperative (Dak Lak), said that in the past time, durian prices have increased up to 90,000 VND/kg. His family’s durians are sold at 68,000 VND/kg. This is a profitable price and his durian is now sold out.

Mr. Long said that the durian prices in general have decreased to 70,000-75,000 VND/kg, depending on the garden. Therefore, if the gardens have fixed the price of more than 80,000 VND/kg, traders have not bought yet.

According to Mr. Dang Phuc Nguyen, General Secretary of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association, Dak Lak is in the main durian crop. At the same time, Chinese people are on the National Day holiday. There are many sources of goods from Vietnam so the prices of durian are affected.

“In a few weeks, Dak Lak durian season will end, Gia Lai’s durian crop will start from the end of November, then at the beginning of December, the off-season in the Southwest will come. With the advantage of year-round availability, Vietnam’s durians will meet the demand of the Chinese market ” Mr. Nguyen said.

According to Mr. Nguyen, by the end of September, durian exports are estimated at 1.5 billion USD and are expected to reach 1.8-2 billion USD this year./.