Arabica is a popular coffee grown in Brazil and South American countries. In particular, Brazil is the world’s largest producer of Arabica coffee. Despite being the main producer of Robusta coffee, Vietnam is home to the best Arabica coffee in the world, grown in the provinces of Lam Dong, Quang Tri, Dien Bien, and Son La.

Two decades ago, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Minh – the owner of Minh Tien Coffee brand, formed the idea of connecting growers, partners, and coffee drinkers through a closed process chain of cultivation – processing – consumption.

With the desire to “Enhance the original value” of Vietnamese Arabica coffee beans, over the past 20 years, Minh Tien has been present in all the most famous Arabica coffee growing regions of Vietnam, with more than 5000 farmers in the raw material regions to create high-quality Arabica coffee beans. Minh Tien’s Arabica coffee also conquers customers in the world’s most hard markets such as Germany, Italy, England, France, Japan, and the United States.

Arabica Coffee of Cau Dat (Lam Dong)

Cau Dat area of Da Lat (Lam Dong) is favored by nature. As a result, Cau Dat Arabica coffee is very high-quality and known as the Queen of Vietnamese coffee, the most delicious Arabica coffee in the world. In addition, the first coffee varieties grown in Cau Dat such as Yellow Bourbon and Typica are also of great interest to coffee connoisseurs, who are eager to enjoy.

The taste of Arabica coffee is described as follows: The sour, mild, soft bitter taste creates elegance, and the color of coffee is light brown like amber creating charm.

In the higher and colder land, the quality of Arabica coffee is tastier. With a height of over 1,600m above sea level with a cold and foggy climate almost all year round, Cau Dat is a paradise for Arabica coffee trees. Along with this is a very clever way of harvesting – picking and pruning, not massively harvesting both ripe and green fruits at the same time.

Arabica Coffee of Northwest Vietnam

The Northwest region, mainly Son La and Dien Bien provinces have suitable soil and climate, so most of the trees grown here are Arabica coffee.

Son La has a mountain system surrounded by basins and highlands. Arabica coffee trees are grown on slopes at the foot of the low mountain range or shallow hills with a height between 900m and 1200m. The climate in Son La is rainy and cold. Arabica coffee trees here grow well for high quality. Son La is Vietnam’s second-largest Arabica coffee-growing province after Lam Dong.

A local farmer is collecting Arabica coffee (Photo: Minh Tien Coffee)

Although coffee trees are not grown in the ideal soil condition and location as in the Central Highlands, Son La has types of soil in the group of red-yellow soils suitable for coffee trees such as Fk, Fv, Fs, etc.

Arabica Coffee of Huong Hoa, Quang Tri

The height of this land is between 350-500 meters above sea level. Khe Sanh is being selected by the Vietnam Coffee – Cocoa Association as a testing place for a high-quality coffee production model with the desire to make Khe Sanh become a coffee growing and production center in the Central region.