According to the Cooperative’s Board of Directors, Phu Giao is a very suitable locality for the development of industrial and fruit trees. Since the area of durian and green pomelo, etc is quite large, the Cooperative chooses to grow guava to balance the market. If new varieties are used, guava can produce fruit all year round, so it will ensure income for members.


For the trees to grow and develop well, members strictly follow procedures from irrigation, and fertilizing to pest control.

In terms of fertilizers, growers only use organic ones. According to the Cooperative’s Board of Directors, prioritizing the use of organic fertilizer helps guava sweeter than common planting.

“In particular, mixing manure with the Trichoderma to supply the drip irrigation system will produce an antagonistic fungus that is highly effective in inhibiting a variety of fungi causing diseases for guava. In addition, it also promotes the organic decomposition process, helps keep the soil soft, retains soil fertility, and limits environmental pollution “, said Director Nguyen Thanh Kien.

To prevent pests and diseases in trees, members prioritize the application of biological methods. Bugs, beetles, and yellow flies often harm guavas. The effective method used by members is to use the golden ant, and manually catch and cover the fruit. Therefore, guava can grow and develop well without chemical pesticides.

Guava is bagged to limit the attack of insects.

Members are often present in the guava garden to catch beetles in the evening. At this time, beetles do not see the flight path and park in flocks on the leaves or branches of guava trees, so it is easy to catch. Wrapping guava with specialized bags also avoids insect attacks.

In addition to prioritizing the use of compost and manual measures, the Cooperative also invests in a centralized system of machinery, equipment, and management software controlled by smartphones.

Through machines and sensor systems, the entire amount of water, fertilizers, temperature, humidity, etc for guava trees is calculated and set up by each stage of development of trees and fruits. With a few taps on the phone, all 55 ha of guava are fully cared for. This helps to increase the accuracy of the cultivation process and limit the abuse of manure and irrigation water, which cause waste and environmental pollution.


The Cooperative’s modern and scientific production process helps to meet the demand for clean and high-quality fruits in the domestic and international markets. Therefore, the guava of Thanh Kien Cooperative has been exported to Japan, Australia, Dubai (UAE), Oman, Singapore, India, etc.

Besides, the locality also supports the Cooperative to promote trade, thereby, customers will know more and more about Thanh Kien guava. In the harvest,  one ha can provide 800 kg of guava a day. The Cooperative’s guava is highly appreciated for its quality, so the output is relatively favorable.

Organic guava production ensures quality and protects the ecological environment.

According to the Board of Directors, since its establishment, the Cooperative has followed organic production, saying no to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore, the disadvantages of guava are that the leaves are not green, the fruit is not eye-catching, the cost is high, and the yield is not high in the first three years. However, from the fourth year onwards, the quality of trees and fruits is very good. Members who previously left the Cooperative to plant traditionally and use chemical fertilizers now want to return to the Cooperative.

The production model of Thanh Kien Cooperative is completely suitable for local weather and soil conditions. Compared to guava grown in other provinces, guava of the Cooperative is crispy and sweet. The larger the guava, the fewer seeds so it meets the tastes of customers.

Guava trees grown in Phu Giao have the advantage of weather conditions. Severe weather will produce quality, different, and competitive fruits. Despite expanding the area, the Cooperative is still determined to follow environmentally friendly production to create clean and safe products. “Our orientation is to create prestige for the product and a stable market and trust for customers,” said Director Nguyen Thanh Kien./.