Tea export turnover in 2023 decreased by nearly 11% compared to 2022. In addition to the decline in tea consumption in export markets, Vietnam’s tea industry is slow to improve product quality and invest in deep processing as well as little research on new products. These reasons have caused tea exports to decline…

It is necessary to link tea growers with product processing and consumption.

According to data from the General Department of Customs, tea exports in 2023 are estimated at 121,000 tons, worth 211 million USD. This result was down 16.9% in quantity and 10.9% in value compared to 2022. Particularly in the fourth quarter of 2023, tea exports are estimated at 39,300 tons, worth 70 million USD, up 16.7% in quantity and 18.1% in value respectively against the third quarter. Compared to the same period in 2022, although the amount of tea exported decreased by 22.1%, it increased by 1.4% in turnover.


The Department of Processing Quality and Market Development of Agricultural Products (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), said that the main factors causing Vietnam’s tea exports to decrease significantly in 2023 were weak market demand and increasingly strict import regulations in major markets. In addition, Vietnam’s export tea is mainly in raw form with low processing content.

In 2023, tea exports to major markets such as Pakistan, Taiwan, and Russia all decreased because these countries’ economies were in difficulty. Pakistan’s foreign currency shortage makes it impossible for many importers to pay exporters.

“The average export price of Vietnam’s tea in 2023 is estimated at 1,737.3 USD/ton, up 7.3% compared to 2022. The average export price of tea in the fourth quarter of 2023 reached 1,778.9 USD/ton, up 1.2% compared to the third quarter this year and up 30.1% over the same period last year “.

According to data from Customs.

Green tea products account for 94% of Vietnam’s total tea exports.

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Pakistan, Pakistani Customs stipulates that all imported shipments outstanding in the port past the 30-day deadline will be put on the auction confiscation list. Therefore, exporters in general and tea in particular to the Pakistani market should pay attention to late payment shipments. Especially after 30 days from the time the goods arrive at Karachi port, they need to notify the Vietnam Trade Office in Pakistan to coordinate not to incur costs and fines of ports and shipping lines and be auctioned by the Pakistani Customs.

Although the export price of Vietnam’s tea in 2023 has increased by more than 7% compared to 2022, it is only less than 70% of the average export price in the world. The average global export price of tea in 2023 reached 2,600 USD/ton.

Over the years, the demand for tea consumption in the world has changed very quickly, moving from ordinary tea products to deep-processed and specialty tea. However, Vietnam’s tea industry is still slow to improve product quality and invest in deep processing as well as little research in new products… These are the reasons why Vietnamese tea products lose their competitiveness.

Now, green tea products still account for 94% of Vietnam’s total tea exports. However, this is the lowest-grade tea product, mainly using the traditional drying method, not through deep processing.

Meanwhile, high-grade tea products such as black tea, flower-marinated tea, and oolong tea… only account for 6% of the total tea exports. Although the export prices of these deep-processed teas are very high (the export price of flower marinated tea of Vietnam in 2023 reached 2,100 USD/ton; exported oolong tea reached 2900 USD/ton), due to the low export volume, the export turnover is not considerable.

Regarding the type of tea products exported in 2023, green tea is leading in terms of quantity and value with 57,500 tons, worth 113.5 million USD, down 6.9% in volume and 1% in value over the same period in 2022. Next, black tea reached 46,000 tons, worth 62.4 million USD, down 16 % in volume and 18 % in value, respectively. Followed by flower-marinated tea with 3,800 tons, worth 8 million USD, down 4.7% in volume but up 6.5% in value. Notably, oolong tea exports reached 1,300 tons, worth 3.8 million USD, up 102% in volume and 107% in value compared to 2022./.