April is the month of new spring crop cinnamon in Vietnam. In these days, the cinnamon is easily to be harvested. Hence, the price of cinnamon stick in Vietnam is the cheapest in the spring season. Exspecially the bottom price can be achieved at the end days of month April.

(Cinnmon Stick in Vietnam can be cut 5cm, 6cm, 8cm, 12cm and longer stick)

Farmers carefully collect the raw fresh cinnamon bark from the trees. They choose the mature cinnamon trees. There are no young trees below 5 years old be harvested. This is one of the reason that the manufacturers of cinnamon stick in Vietnam can make very high oil content of loureiroi cinnamon. Most the cinnamon stick has oil content no lesser than 4%. The highest oil level is 12% and this type of cinnamon is being used for pharmaceutical.

After 6 weeks harvesting, the spring crop of this spicy is ended. Ms. Thu Phuong from Van Yen, Yen Bai said “I am very happy. This crop our family can collect higher quantity than usual. And we can sell it at price 27,000 VND per kilo! We did collect more than 8000 kilo fresh cinnamon! Thanks the god to bless us with good weather in this new spring crop 2021 of cinnamon”. Kingdom of Vietnam Cinnamon is Yenbai province. And this ancient spice is helping poor mountain people nowadays. Mr. Cu A Lin said “My family was very poor. We do not have enough money for our children to go to school. But now it is different. I and my wife are harvesting and processing cinnamon as per organic program of a spice factory. We can earn good paid. We feel happy. Our children now can learn from school.”

Long Cinnamon Stick in Veitanm, manufacturer of cinnamon in Vietnam, price of cinnamon stick in Vietnam
(Long Cinnamon Stick 40-50cm in Vietnam, ready for cutting to other sizes)

Spring crop 2021 cinnamon stick is being calculated more than 30,000 tons. The main markets for Vietnam Cinnamon are: the US, EU, India, Bangladesh, Korea, Japan. Covid-19 was returned to Vietnam since April 28th 2021. However, it does not affect to harvesting and exporting of this product to the world. According to ICC Cinnamon Organization, there are more than 20,000 tons have been exported. The average price of cinnamon stick in 2021 spring crop is $5.3 – $5.8 per kilo. This price is $0.5 per kilo higher than it was in 2020. The farmers expect to harvest at least 10,000 tons in this coming autumn season. The September is subcrop of Cinnamon in Vietnam. It will happen only in 2-3 weeks.

price cinnamon stick in Vietnam, best price cinnamon stick from Vietnam, manufacturer of cinnamon stick in Vietanm
(Vietnam Cinnamon Stick cut 8cm Loureiroi Cinnamon Organic)

There are more than 100 tons of Organic Cinnamon exported in April and May 20201. The farmers started taking care of their Cinnamon under USDA Organic program. Which will support them extra bonus by growing, harvesting the organic plants. Days after days, the more and more Organic Vietnam Cinnamon Stick is being introduced to the world.

And all these things are bringing the new brighten lifes for the poor childrens from Yen Bai province! They will go to school, university and go back to their homeland to support other people.

Thus, Cinnamon tree – Canela Loureiroi, Cinnamomum Verum are the tree of the lifes for mountain people.