The great anti-cancer in nature:

(Turmeric Farms in Haiduong province)

Researches show that the percentage of people who unlucky has cancer is the lowest in 2 countries in the world. Those are India and Mexico. Why ? Because they use lot of spices. Spices contains naturally anti-cancer oils support body.

And one of the most importance spices in Indian cuisine is: Turmeric.

Indian people makes curry as their main dish. The main spice in curry is: Turmeric.

Nowaday, the world is knowing more and more about a spice which has more than 20 health benefits. That spice is: Turmeric.

Price turmeric powder in Vietnam is competitive. Turmeric powder has 2%, 3%, 5% curcumin content

(Price Turmeric Powder in Vietnam has various types for: 2%, 3%, 5% Curcumin)

How we make it:

The turmeric is naturally growing in countryside of Bac Ninh province. We Elmar directly collect fresh mature turmeric from farmers. Then wash it in our factory. After that, we slice turmeric by machine. And dehydrate the sliced turmeric. Finally, grind the raw turmeric to obtain turmeric powder in Vietnam.

Best price of turmeric powder 3% curcumin from Vietnam

(Turmeric Powder from Vietnam mesh size 60)

Turmeric Powder has curcumin content from 2% to 6%. The most regular curcumin in market is 2-3%. Its color is yellow dark orange.

The moisture in Turmeric Powder in Vietnam is 12.5% max.

turmeric powder 3% curcumin cheap price good quality turmeric powder, turmeric whole grinding

 (Turmeric Powder in Vietnam 3% Curcumin)

Our factory is certified HACCP, ISO22000:2018. The production line has system for removing sands, stone. There are 2 magnets which assured no magetic particles in Turmeric Powder.

We pack the Turmeric  Powder in 2 ways: PE/PP bag 10/20kgs, PE/Paper bag or PE/Carton 20kgs.

Turmeric Powder Vietnam, good quality, competitive price(Turmeric Powder in PE/PP bag)

The price Turmeric powder in Vietnam is competitive. Moreover, the highest curcumin content in the product is 5%. Which is higher than Indian original.

 We have been exporting the Turmeric Powder to North America and Middle East countries. Our turmeric is very cleaned, washed, dehydrated by machine before grinding. Hence, there is no sands in it.