What is Cinnamon ?


Cinnamon is a spice created from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree.

Farmers dry the Strips of the inner bark until curling into rolls known as cinnamon sticks or quills. People can grind the Cinnamon into powder or made into an extract.

The unique properties of this spice come from its essential oils and compounds, particularly cinnamaldehyde.

This compound gives cinnamon its flavor and aroma. And is also responsible for many of its health benefits.


1. Cinnamon Cassia:

Vietnam Cinnamon Stick packed in mesh bag 1kg, roll percentage is 90% and very thin stick.
(The price Cinnamon Stick in Vietnam in retail packing 1kgs is $120-150/mt higher than bulk 10kgs)

Available in: China, Indonesia, Vietnam
Oil Content: 1-6% (Only Vietnam has 6%)
Shape: Roll 1-2 layer
The price cinnamon stick in Vietnam is 50% cheaper than Srilanka Ceylon.


2. Ceylon Cinnamon:

(Ceylon Cinnamon H1 has thin quality, higher price than price of cinnamon stick in Vietnam)

Available in: Srilanka
Oil Content: 1%
Shape: Roll many layers


3.  Ceylon and Cassia Are Both Good for Diabetics

For generations, cinnamon has been prized for its health properties.

In particular, Cinnamon has benefit for blood sugar control. Which is important for people with diabetes.

A review of 16 previous studies on diabetes treatment found promising results for Cinnamon powder that was used as a supplement.

Animal and lab studies show it may reduce blood sugar spikes. Moreover, increase insulin sensitivity and improve metabolic markers associated with insulin resistance.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any human studies to determine the effectiveness dosage of Ceylon cinnamon supplements.

On the other hand, Cinnamon Cassia has been used in several studies of humans with and without type 2 diabetes. Most of these observed significant reductions in fasting blood sugar levels within several months of use.

The standard dose of Cinnamon Cassia was between 1–6 grams per day. It had minimal side effects, or none at all.


4. The Bottom Line:

Cinnamon cassia and Cinnamon ceylon has similar benefit for health. However, the cinnamon cassia has 90% cinnamaldehyde,, much higher than cinnamon ceylon. Moreover, the cinnamon cassia price is also halved in compare with cinnamon ceylon price.

Therefore, the world is changing to use Cinnamon Cassia instead of Cinnamon Ceylon for past few years. For example, 90% of cinnamon available in USA market is Cinnamon Cassia.


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