Passion fruit prices decreased to a record low, there was a time when traders stopped buying, making it difficult for growers in the mountainous district of Quang Tri province.

In the passion fruit crop in 2023, people in Huong Hoa district (Quang Tri province) tasted “bitterness ” because the prices of passion fruit decreased sharply compared to the previous year.

Passion fruit in Huong Phung commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province.

In Huong Hoa district, Huong Phung commune is a locality that plants a lot of passion fruit with 95 ha available for harvest now. Last year, at the peak time, about 19 tons of passion fruit were released every day in this commune.

The prices of passion fruit depend on the quality. The type eligible for export is purchased at an average price of about 45,000 VND/kg while the poorer type has the lowest price of about 7,000 VND/kg.

But this year, from the main season up to now, the prices of passion fruit have dropped sharply, the average price is from 2,000 VND/kg to 25,000 VND/kg. In particular, in the middle of August 2023, passion fruit for exports was difficult to consume despite low prices.

Since 2018, Mr. Tran Van An’s family (Phung Lam village, Huong Phung commune) has invested in planting 01 ha of passion fruit. “A few years ago, the prices of passion fruit were stable, and the income was good. But this year the prices were too low and there was a time when traders did not buy, so they were very worried” Mr. An said.

Passion fruit in mountainous areas of Quang Tri province is sold at low prices and it is difficult to consume.

As for Mr. Nguyen Chi Cong (Cop village, Huong Phung commune), the passion fruit garden has been in the harvest season for nearly 03 months, but he is “stunned” because the prices are too low. Mr. Cong wants the locality to pay attention and find a way to consume, otherwise, farmers will not dare to invest in passion fruit anymore.

Mr. Phan Ngoc Long, Chairman of Huong Phung Commune People’s Committee, said that the low prices of passion fruit made people worried. However, it is determined that this is an economic crop, so the locality encourages farmers and is connecting with businesses to buy passion fruit in the area to find ways to improve consumption.

In addition to Huong Phung commune, in Huong Hoa district, there are some other localities such as Huong Tan commune, Khe Sanh town also planted many passion fruit, and all have difficulties because the prices are too low.

Ms. Nguyen Hong Phuong – Deputy Director of Quang Tri Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that the unit has been aware of the decrease in passion fruit prices and is looking for solutions. In the long term, this department shall build projects linked to the value chain, through training cooperatives to transfer techniques to farmers in the direction of clean, safe, and qualified for export to markets with strict requirements, to raise prices and have stable outputs./.