On August 10, nearly 10 tonnes of high-quality Vietnamese longan were marketed in Melbourne and distributed along coastal cities…

Vietnamese longan advertising poster on social media, oriented to the consumption areas in Australia. (Photo: Internet)

On this occasion, Hoa Australia Company collaborates with the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia to promote Vietnamese Longan week.

Vietnamese Longan week called “Vietnamese Longan in 2022” remains an annual introduction to Australian friends and messages to Vietnamese people in Australia to enjoy the taste of home.

Previously, dozens of tonnes of longan were cleared by importers and successfully placed on the market.

This program is implemented under the direction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia in cooperation with importers to organize Vietnam Longan week in Australia.

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia, bringing Vietnamese longan to Australia for promotion this time is a great effort of enterprises in the context of challenging transportation.

In South Australia and Western Australia, the Red Dragon Company’s longan, distributed by 4Waysfresh, has continued to be appreciated by users in recent months. Based on the season, the importer, 4Waysfresh, is waiting for the Red Dragon Company to send the longan to Australia.

In addition to promotional activities, communication, consumption, and trade connection, the Trade Office also discussed and requested the Australian Quarantine Agency to help customs clearance on schedule.

Australia also has fresh longan, but the area under cultivation is not very large, mainly in Queensland and partly in northern New South Wales. Australia’s fresh longan has only one season lasting from January to mid-June. Therefore, Vietnamese fresh longan imported into the Australian market at this time can be consumed at high prices.

The Vietnam Trade Office in Australia recommends that Vietnamese enterprises continue to promote exports of longan in particular and vegetables in general to Australia. In addition, they should try to register the train schedule as quickly as possible, and inform the Trade Office of the shipment schedule to coordinate customs clearance and promotion.

Australia is a difficult market. To maintain this export market, it is necessary to strictly follow the process of quality control, packaging, and branding. Advertising should be easy to remember, focusing on the characteristics of the longan such as big size, thick flesh, and small seeds to confirm its place in the Australian market.