Currently, Lao Cai has over 3,600 ha of organic certified cinnamon and the area of organic cinnamon is expanding. The province wants to continue making cinnamon a key crop…

Lao Cai Provincial People’s Committee has organized a seminar on investment and trade promotion of the cinnamon industry in 2023. Attending the seminar were Embassies, Economic Counsellors of EU, Japan, Korea, Canada, China, India, USA, Pakistan, and Australia in Vietnam; representatives of some international organizations in Vietnam; Delegations of Yunnan (China); representatives of some units under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and many enterprises producing and growing cinnamon in Lao Cai.

According to Lao Cai Provincial People’s Committee, cinnamon has been planted in this province since the 70s. Over time, cinnamon has affirmed its position and role in the province’s forestry economic development.

Cinnamon in Lao Cai is growing well, creating a sustainable source of income for farmers.

Cinnamon has brought economic efficiency in recent years, especially from 2012 onwards. The area of cinnamon has increased very quickly. Up to now, Lao Cai has over 57,000 ha of cinnamon, nearly 8 times more than in 2012. This is the second-largest raw material area in the country (after Yen Bai province) and one of the largest raw material areas in the world.

According to forecasts, the cinnamon area of Lao Cai will continue to increase in the coming time. Along with that, the entire cinnamon area of the province is converted to sustainable production, striving for over 30% of the cinnamon growing area to be certified organic.

It is expected that from 2024 to 2030, each year, Lao Cai will have over 4,000 ha of cinnamon up to the age of full exploitation and about 10,000 ha of cinnamon in the pruning stage. The expected production per year will be over 40,000 tons of dry bark, 350,000 tons of branches, and about 210,000m3 of wood. The estimated production of cinnamon essential oil will reach from 1,600 to 2,000 tons/year.

At the seminar, representatives focused on 03 main points with 06 solutions on varieties, raw material areas, science and technology of planting and care, harvesting, processing, and consumption to build the brand of organic cinnamon area, develop the cinnamon industry following the value chain, improve the quality and economic efficiency of cinnamon in Lao Cai.

For the sustainable development of the cinnamon industry, many people believe that it is necessary to identify the market and then produce products as required by this market. Besides, there should be appropriate mechanisms and policies as well as good communication to change the resident’s perceptions.

At the same time, it is necessary to have the participation of enterprises. This will be a bridge between the Cooperative and the export market. The formation of cooperative groups and cooperatives should be promoted to boost the connection among farmers to create raw material areas and with businesses in consumption.

Enterprises should be encouraged to invest. In particular, Lao Cai province needs to develop geographical indications for organic cinnamon areas of localities; at the same time, improve the role of state management in essential oil processing establishments, and avoid mass development leading to unfair competition./.