Jelly Grass has the scientific name Mesona chisnensis Benth, belonging to the family of Lamiaceae. This plant is also called as black jelly, leung fan cao, xianrenthao, etc.

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(Fresh Jelly Grass in Mekong Delta area)

Jelly grass has a short life cycle. The plant is about 30 – 60cm high. All of its body is covered with white hair, less branches. The leaves of jelly grass usually grow symmetric to each other. The blade is egg-shaped and slender at the top. The edge of leaf has a saw-tooth shape.

The flowers of jelly grass are pink or white, usually grows in clusters at the top of the plant. Each cluster is about 10 to 13 cm long, covered with a fine layer of fur. The flowers bloom in autumn or winter. The fruits are smooth and about 0.7 mm long.

Jelly grass mainly grows wild in the mountainous region. Later, it is grown in large plains such as the Mekong Delta and the Southeast region.

This type of plant can be harvested all year round but mostly in the rainy season. After harvesting, the stem and leaves will be washed, then dried to make medicine or cooked as cooling jelly.

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(Dried Jelly Grass for Exporting)

Some experts say that in the stem and leaves of jelly grass, there is an active ingredient called “pectrin”, which can create gel. This explains why jelly grass will become a block of black jelly after being cooked. The jelly is used to make refreshing drinks in hot summer days.

Jelly grass is sweet and cool which can detoxifies the body and is used in the treatment of some diseases such as:

(Dried Jelly Grass is packed in bale 50kgs each)

We Elmar has been collecting jelly grass directly from green fields in the Mekong Delta. We have many experiences with the technique of drying, packaging and storing products under export standards. Thus, our dried jelly grass is assured no fungus and no insects. We pack the product in 50 kg bales with the shelf life of two years.

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(A wonderful taste jelly after using the grass with boiled water)

The food & baverage producers use jelly grass as an important ingredient for their jelly. It support rich sources of natural vitamins and minerals. And our jelly grass is organic grown without any chemicals or pesticides.

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