This year, the prices of garlic and shallot have never been higher, twice as much as last year. In this Winter-Spring crop, Hai Duong province has a cultivation area of 6,252 ha of onion and shallot with an output of 116,400 tones, bringing a total revenue of 2,100 billion VND…

Mrs. Pham Thi Dao, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hai Duong province, said that: In recent years, Hai Duong has become the largest shallot and garlic growing area in the country. The annual area of shallot and garlic cultivation in the province usually reaches 6,600 ha, of which, shallot is about 5,800 ha and green onion about 350 ha, and garlic 470 ha.

Shallots are dried on village roads in Bach Dang commune.


According to Mrs.Pham Thi Dao, in the winter crop 2022-2023, the area of garlic and shallot cultivation in Hai Duong province reached about 6,252 ha (5,785 ha of shallot and 467 ha of garlic). They are planted mainly in Kinh Mon (3,811 ha), Nam Sach (2,164 ha), Hai Duong City (246 ha), and Kim Thanh (208 ha). Particularly, garlic is grown mainly in Kinh Mon (232 ha).

Coming to Hai Duong these days, you can see shallot and garlic dried on the village roads. In the field, farmers are rushing to harvest and they are so excited because of a bumper crop and good prices.

Having just hang bundles of shallot onto the rack, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh in Kim Loi village, Bach Dang commune, Kinh Mon town, said that this year, his family planted 12 poles of shallot. The price of shallot sold to traders at the beginning of the crop (from the end of December to the end of January) remains at a stable high level at 25,000-27,000 VND/kg. From the beginning of February 2023 up to now, the selling price has decreased, ranging from 15,000 to 18,000 VND/kg, but still twice as high as last year.

“Each pole brings about 500-600 kg. My family harvested 7 tons and sold them for 150 million VND. After deducting all expenses, each pole this year brings a profit of about 10 million VND. It only takes about four months to grow shallot and garlic takes but the income is higher than rice”, Mr. Thanh shared.

Mr.Thanh added that in the past, farmers used to grow only two rice crops, then left empty fields for three months of winter, so the income was very low. But now, the winter crop becomes the main crop of the year. Farmers grow shallot and garlic, then dry them and wait for traders to buy them. Farmers here are most afraid of the rain because, with a large amount of shallot and garlic after harvest, there is no storage when the rain comes.

Farmers harvest shallot on the field.

“The average income from shallot cultivation of Hai Duong farmers this year ranges from 10-15 million VND/pole (equal to 275-415 million VND/ha). At a time such as from January 15 to 20, farmers harvested one pole of shallot for an income of 18-23 million VND. On average, net profit from shallot cultivation in the whole winter season 2023 is estimated at 6-10 million VND/pole (equivalent to 170-270 million VND/ha)”.

Mrs. Pham Thi Dao, Deputy Director of Hai Duong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said

In the winter-spring crop 2022 – 2023, Mr. Nguyen Van Chien’s family in Lac Long commune, Kinh Mon town grew shallot, however, due to the unfavorable weather at the beginning of the season and heavy rain, the productivity was 7-10% lower than the previous season. Currently, after 4 months of planting, the output of shallot is a little lower but the price is three times higher than at the beginning of the previous crop.

“My family grew a lot so we sold to traders for 10 million VND/pole. The price of fresh shallot is about 25,000-27,000 VND/kg, which is three times higher than the last crop. This year, the price is good,” Mr. Chien said excitedly.

However, the concern of shallot and garlic farmers here is still the story of “bumper crop but devaluing”. Last year (2022), the price of shallot dropped to only 6,000 VND/kg, causing farmers a loss.

“We hope that the State and authorities at all levels will ensure the output so that farmers will not be controlled by traders. We also want to be supported to invest in drying ovens to make large batches, ensure productivity and quality, and improve the value of products after harvest”, Mr. Chien said.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hai Duong province, the total output of shallot and garlic harvested by the whole province in the winter crop this year reached 116,400 tons, including 110,000 tons of shallot and 6,400 tons of garlic. Particularly, garlic and shallot this year brought a revenue of about 2,100 billion VND to farmers in Hai Duong./.