At this time, enterprises are signing contracts for the consumption of ginger products for farmers in Pac Nam district. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the price of ginger is lower than in previous years, but ginger growers still get profits.

Ginger brings quite high income for farmers in Pac Nam. (Photo: Internet)

We are at Giao Hieu commune (Pac Nam district) by the time Minh Be Agricultural Export and Processing Private Enterprise ( Bac Kan) is buying ginger from farmers in accordance with the contract signed from the beginning of the crop with them. Mr. Ban Van Minh – Director said: This year’s ginger season, our enterprise has a plan to buy about 500 tonnes. The market price is VND 5,000/kg, which is 1/3 of the 2020 purchase price, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we will still buy in accordance with the commitment to consume the product, namely VND 6,000/kg of old ginger and VND 7,500/kg of young ginger.

In the field of Na Thiem village, Giao Hieu commune, Ms. Chu Thi Doi’s family mobilized all human resources to prepare the soil for a new ginger crop. Ms. Doi said: The ginger crop last year, with about 1,500m2 of ginger, after deducting all expenses, my family’s income was over VND 30 million. Compared to rice or corn, ginger brings higher income without worrying about the consumption of the product because it is fully covered by the enterprise.

Ms. Quan Thi Giang, Thom Meo village, Xuan La commune, said: Growing ginger does not require much effort. In the last ginger crop, my family planted 1,200m2. After 6 months of taking care,  we harvested 1 tonne of old ginger for seedling and more than 4 tonnes of young ginger for selling to enterprises. After deducting expenses, we earn about 20 million VND. This year’s ginger crop, my family expanded to over 1,500m2 of ginger “.

It is known that the model of production and consumption of ginger for export has been implemented in Pac Nam district since 2019. Minh Be Agricultural export and processing private enterprise cooperates with Pac Nam district through the Project of Supporting agricultural business in Bac Kan province for implementation. Over the years, the ginger cultivation model has brought many economic effects and attracted ethnic minority households in the district to participate in.

Deputy Head of Agriculture and Rural Development of Pac Nam District, Ms. Duong Thi Duyen, said: The fact shows that the model of ginger cultivation is 3-4 times more economical than rice or corn. People should grow this type of plant for economic development. In 2022, the district tries to increase the area of ginger cultivation to 50 ha. The specialized agencies of the district continue to support the transfer of science and technology, build raw material areas in localities, and create favorable conditions for enterprises to directly work with farmers. Thereby, they gradually bring high economic value crops into production, create jobs, reduce poverty sustainably, and improve income for people.