Rivers flow – Vegetables grow

In the North of Vietnam, there are 2 biggest rivers named: Red river & Thaibinh river. Therefore, farmers grow carrots in these places since 4000 years ago. The price of fresh carrot in Vietnam is very good accordingly.

Price of fresh carrot in Vietnam size 2L best price, prompt shipment. Fresh carrot in Vietnam new crop.

(Size 2L Fresh carrot in Vietnam weight 250-300gm/ piece)

There are farms base in nearby Thaibinh river, their soils contains lot of  minerals. Hence, the vegetables products are growing naturally. Hence, the world are knowing more and more about the quality of carrot, cabbages, garlic, onion, turmeric from Vietnam.

In fact, Vietnam is agriculture country. With 70% citizen is farmer. However, before 2015, the total exporting of fresh vegetables is very less. All the production depends on China. Whenever Chinese buys vegetables, price increases. And when they stop buying, the price down. Thus, farmers feed vegetables for cow.

The Vietnamese government now encorage entrepreuner, scientist, farmers to enhance the exporting agriculture to other countries.  A lot of forums made, a lot of conference talking about this topic. Hence, the result is: There are many foreigners business man in Thaibinh river area in season of vegetables!

Fresh Carrot in Vietnam size 1L weight 200-250gm/ piece, new crop fresh carrot in Vietnam

(Fresh carrot in Vietnam size L 200-250gm/ piece)

Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, India, Maldives have been introduced. They tried importing some small container 20ft. They loved it. They increased buying volume. In crop 2018-2019, there are 60,000 tons of fresh carrot exported. Futhermore, there are 38,000 tons of fresh lime which Vietnam export to Middle East.

Thanks to the river, thanks to government and thanks to the effort of farmers.

Since early 2016, Elmar’s farm base in Haiduong province. Moreover, the plant is 500 feets far from Thai Binh river. We have been growing and harvesting 8000 tons fresh carrot a year. Our main clients are in Malaysia, Korea, Japan and UAE.

Price Fresh Carrot in Vietnam new crop, fresh carrot size M weigt 100-200gm/ piece
(Carrot exporting quality: the price of fresh carrot is very good in Vietnam)

From farm to table, we carefully harvesting, washing, packing. Our cool warehouse has temperature setting from -18*C. We use RF container to ship the cargo. Hence, the carrot quality is 100% fresh.

Elmar factory for processing fresh carrot in Vietnam. cleaning, washing, sorting, packing

(Elmar’s factory where cleaning, sorting, packing carrots)

There are 50 workers daily washing carrots in our factory. There are 2 stage of cleaning, one by machine, the another is by hand. Our workers carefully cut the green head, roots to make sure premium quality.

Workers are cutting tails roots of fresh carrot in Vietnam, new crop fresh carrot in Vietnam

(Cutting green head and root of fresh carrot in Vietnam)

Skilled workders handly sort the sizes of fresh carrot. They are: S, M, L, 2L, 3L. And the regular packing is: 4.5kgs and 6kgs carton. In addition, each container can loads 27 tons.

Packing of fresh carrot in Vietnam in PE/carton

(Fresh Carrot in Vietnam packing 4.5kgs carton)

The season of carrot starts from January to end of April. Quality is the best from February till end of March. Also the price fresh carrot in Vietnam is the best at that time.

If you want to buy the best price fresh carrot in Vietnam, please take it in February/March.

Leading by government advice, we Elmar are happy to see each seat drop of farmers are being right valued.

Finally, the farmers are smiling while shaking hands with foreigners who making their lifes better and better.

We also process dehydrated carrots size 3×3, 6×6 and flakes.

(Dehydrated Carrot in Vietnam size 3×3, 6×6, 10x10mm and long flakes)

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