In the early days of 2023, fishermen in Dien Chau district (Nghe An province) are very excited about a good season of baby shrimp. After each trip to the sea, they earn about 500,000-1,000,000 VND.

On the first day of February, the beach area of Dien Hai commune, Dien Kim and Dien Chau districts became bustling. Dozens of large and small rafts arrived full of fresh baby shrimps.

Fishermen often use rafts to catch baby shrimps.

According to many experienced fishermen, tool to catch baby shrimp is very simple. We just need to make a triangular push pillar, 10m in length, and 3m in width, and the head attaches a strip of the net. When seeing a flow of baby shrimp, the catcher just lowers the net and the raft moves forward, then baby shrimp immediately come inside.

Just landed after a short fishing trip, Mr. Thai Van Hung (born in 1967, Dien Kim commune, Dien Chau district), said that: To catch baby shrimp effectively, his wife and he had to get up at 3 AM daily to prepare their belongings for the trip. Mr. Hung chose areas that had been explored before and the distance is not more than 10 km.

Tools for catching baby shrimp.

“After this trip, I collected about 200 kg of baby shrimp. They will be dried and then sold to traders. On average, 100 kg of fresh baby shrimp after drying will result in more than 10 kg of dried baby shrimp, the price ranges from 500,000-600,000 VND/10kg, ” Mr. Hung added.

Although the income is not as much as Mr. Hung’s family, Mr. Thai Ba Sang (born in 1964, Dien Kim commune) is also very happy when his raft arrives with more than 100 kg of fresh baby shrimp. Traders are waiting on the shore to buy his products.

On the first days of the year, after each trip, fishermen collect hundreds of fresh baby shrimp. According to Mr. Sang, a kg of fresh baby shrimp costs 15,000-20,000 VND. After reducing costs, he can earn about 700,000 VND for 100 kg.

“My family sells fresh baby shrimps immediately after catching so that we have enough time for the second trip in a day. We have to work very hard because it is very cold this time, and our health is also affected a lot, ” Mr. Sang said.

After each trip, on average, each family can earn from 500,000 to 1 million VND.

According to many local people, this year’s baby shrimp season starts from November 2022 to February 2023. After catching baby shrimp, traders will sort out, purchase on the spot for selling in the market, or dry then sell directly to the facilities.

If the weather is favorable, fishermen can go to the sea 3-4 times a day. If they are lucky, they can gain 300 or 400 kg of baby shrimp. Fresh baby shrimps are sold on the spot for 15,000-20,000 VND/kg. If they are sold to the facilities, the price is only 7,000-8,000 VND/kg.

Fresh baby shrimps are sold for 15,000-20,000 VND/kg on the spot and only 7,000-8,000 VND/kg if they are sold to facilities.

Normally, with 2-3 trips per day, fishermen have an income of 1-2 million VND after deducting expenses. Besides, many families here let the husband go fishing while the wife stays at home to dry baby shrimp for a better price.

Baby shrimp is about 10-40mm long. They are ten-legged crustaceans, living in brackish or coastal salt water. Baby shrimp can be cooked into many dishes or spices such as soup, salad, and fish sauce.

Dien Kim and Dien Hai are two communes with traditional baby shrimp catching in Dien Chau district (Nghe An). These are also the places where there is a large number of fishermen participating in baby shrimp catching./.