Although the export of agriculture-forestry-fishery in 2023 did not achieve the target set at the beginning of the year, experts said that in 2004, stronger growth will help this industry towards new records…

Export of agricultural-forestry-fishery in 2023 reached 53.01 billion USD, lower than the target of 54 billion USD set at the beginning of the year. The target was not achieved, but the trade surplus set a record of 12.07 billion USD, up 43.7% compared to 2022, accounting for over 42.5% of the country’s trade surplus. In particular, the agricultural group has an impressive contribution, especially vegetables and rice.

Export of agricultural-forestry-fishery aims at new records in 2024.


In addition to vegetables and rice, some other agricultural products had high growth rates, such as cashew nuts 3.63 billion USD, up 17.6%; coffee 4.18 billion USD, up 3.1%. This result has brought the total export turnover of the agricultural group in 2023 to 26.4 billion USD, up over 17% compared to 2022.

Vegetable and fruit exports in 2023 reached a record of 5.69 billion USD, up 69.2% compared to 2022. It became the first agricultural product to exceed five billion USD. Rice also set a record with 4.78 billion USD, up 38.4% compared to 2022.

Both fishery and forestry groups had a decline in export turnover. Specifically, fishery export in 2023 was estimated at 9.1 billion USD, down 18% compared to 2022, in which: shrimp 3.42 billion USD, down 21%; catfish 1.82 billion USD, down 25%; tuna 850 million USD, down 15%; squid and octopus 660 million USD, down 14% compared to 2022.

Regarding export markets in 2023, the markets in Asia increased by 6.8%; the Americas decreased by 17.7%; Europe decreased by 12.5%; Africa increased by 21.7%; and Oceania decreased by 13.5%. In terms of the market by country, the export value to China reached the highest, accounting for 23.2%, up 18%; the US was in second place, accounting for 21%, down 17.9%, and Japan was in third place accounting for 7.3%, down 9.1% from the previous year.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has set a target of 55 billion USD for 2024.


Although there are difficulties in 2024, experts believe that agricultural-forestry-fishery exports will recover. The decline in 2023 can be seen as a “correction” to create stronger growth for next year.

It is possible because fishery exports have regained positive growth momentum, with a quite high level by the end of 2023 compared to the same period last year. In particular, catfish exports are showing more good signals in some markets such as China, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and the UK. In addition to fillet catfish, the key product, by-products such as dried catfish and catfish cake are of interest to many markets (the USA, China, Malaysia, and Singapore).

In 2024, vegetables and fruits are expected to reach 6-7 billion USD, rice will strive to surpass 5 billion USD, and shrimp will win back the 4 billion USD mark.

Ms. Le Hang, Communications Director of the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), said that many markets such as the EU, Thailand, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Korea, the Philippines, and Japan tend to increase imports of Vietnam’s tuna. The demand for canned and steamed tuna products is higher than for frozen fillet and sliced tuna.

Along with seafood, many agricultural products are forecast to grow strongly in 2024 such as coffee, rice, and vegetables.

Cassava, cashew nut, and pepper are showing positive signals again. Especially for the coffee industry, domestic and world prices are at the highest level ever.

With the advantages of the market, it is forecast that coffee will reach a record turnover of 4.5 – 5 billion USD in 2024. Thus, the agricultural sector expects that there will be three products (excluding wood and wood products belonging to forest products) that can be included in the group of 5 billion USD this year, including vegetables, rice, and coffee. In addition, the shrimp industry will also reach this milestone in the coming time./.