If about a month ago, durian prices in Western provinces of Vietnam peaked at 210,000 VND/kg, now traders are buying at prices ranging from 80,000 to 120,000 VND/kg, down about 50% compared to before.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ut Phuong, a trader specializing in durian in Tien Giang, said that the price of durian Ri6 at the purchasing point is 80,000 VND/kg.

“Because durian is in the main season, many gardens have durian for harvest at the same time so the supply is very abundant. Every day, it is very normal that we can cut a few dozen tons. Durian is no longer scarce like before so prices decreased, ” Mrs. Phuong said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Men (Phu Tieu hamlet, Phu Nhuan commune, Cai Lay district) is taking care of his durian garden.

In Ben Tre, durian is purchased by traders at a lower price of about 5,000 – 10,000 VND compared to the purchase price in Tien Giang. However, according to Mr. Huynh Van Sau – a farmer in Ben Tre, the price of durian has decreased but farmers still have a profit, even much.

“Although the price of durian falls below 50,000 VND per kg, there are still profits,” Mr. Sau said.

Mr. Luong Van Han, Chairman of the board of directors of Phu Quy Agricultural Cooperative (Cai Lay town, Tien Giang province), said the cooperative now has about 1,900 members. Most of the members’ durian is entering the end of the season, unlike elsewhere.

Currently, traders buy at the gardens of cooperative members at the price of about 75,000 VND/kg for durian Ri6 and more than 110,000 VND/kg for durian monthong. The price has decreased by about 50% compared to last month. According to traders, the price of durian depends on the purchase price from China each period.

In 2022 and the first months of 2023, durian prices ranged from 80,000 – 210,000 VND/kg which was 20,000 – 90,000 VND/kg higher than in 2021. Excluding expenses, many farmers earn profits of 1 – 2 billion VND/ha. Therefore, in Vietnam’s Western provinces, there is a mass switch from other crops to durian.

Tien Giang province alone has the largest durian area of more than 17,000 ha.

According to the Department of Cultivation (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), the official export volume of durian to China only accounts for about 15-20% of durian production in Vietnam. The rest is for the domestic market so the prices of durian will decrease in the main season./.