China increased purchases that helped durian exports in 10 months reached nearly 2.1 billion USD – a record high.

This data was just announced by the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association. Accordingly, this year, durian achieved a record high export turnover, leading in the group of Vietnam’s vegetables and fruits and accounting for 51%. Of the total durian export turnover, 94% are fresh goods exported to 08 countries in the world, and the remaining 6% are frozen and dried goods.

China is the largest consumer market of Vietnam’s durian with a market share of 97%, reaching nearly 1.9 billion USD. In addition to the Chinese market, durian exports to the Czech market also increased sharply in 2023 to nearly 10 million USD which is up 28 times over the same period last year.

Durian exports exceed 02 billion USD.

Mr. Dang Phuc Nguyen, General Secretary of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association, said that Vietnam is closely following Thailand and surpassing Malaysia and the Philippines in the Chinese market thanks to the strong increase in turnover. In the last months of the year, Vietnam’s off-season durians will continue to have an advantage over Thailand since this country is affected by the weather.

According to exporters, in the last two months of 2023, Vietnam can earn 200-400 million USD from durian exports, bringing the total export turnover of this item this year to 2.5 billion USD. In December, durian production continues to decline strongly, so prices may make new peaks.

Vietnam’s off-season durians have been harvested since the end of October. Currently, warehouses in the Southwest and Central Highlands buy Monthong Thai durian at a price of up to 150,000 VND/kg, which is up 25-30% compared to the beginning of the month and 60% compared to the main crop.

Statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture show that in 2010, Vietnam had 92,000 ha of durian but now, it has increased to 131,000 ha so far. The average annual growth rate of Vietnam in this period is 24.5%.

Durian production this year is estimated at over one million tons, which is up 15.9% compared to 2022. In particular, durian production in Q3 is about 350,000 tons and Q4 is estimated at 260,000 tons. The Department of Crop Production recommends that enterprises and localities strictly control product quality and comply with regulations from importers to keep the prestige of Vietnamese goods./.