The program of sustainable pepper landscape is being implemented in the largest pepper area in Dak Nong province, which is offering new opportunities for farmers.

The Vietnam Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA), and European Spice Association have collaborated with Dak Song District People’s Committee to implement the Sustainable Pepper Landscape Program.


Dak Song district can be said to be the pepper capital of Dak Nong province. Once, in Dak Song there was a “billionaire commune” thanks to pepper. But that wealth is not sustainable.

Dak Song has great potential for pepper but due to the lack of sustainable production, it is difficult for people. (Photo: Duy Hau)

In recent years, there is no longer a prosperous landscape in the “billionaire commune” in Dak Song. Billion-dollar pepper gardens disappeared. Many people who once were billionaires now have to sell their houses and land to pay off bank debts.

According to the assessment of the specialized agency, the reason for the difficulty of pepper growers in Dak Song is the lack of sustainable production.

The high price of pepper has caused the pepper growing area in this district to increase suddenly, despite the planning. Meanwhile, people have not taken measures to prevent diseases, especially the one that makes pepper plant die quickly and slowly.

Dak Song district has more than 13,600 hectares of pepper, but only about 2,300 hectares are certificated. (Photo: Duy Hau)

In the face of the huge profits of pepper previously, people flocked to grow. Meanwhile, the cultivation still follows the traditional way. Farmers don’t have good and clean varieties. The process of production, care, and pest control… is not comprehensive.

This makes the productivity, quality as well as the longevity of pepper garden greatly affected. Since then, the value of pepper in Dak Song has not been high, not worthy of the district’s potential.

According to the district agricultural sector, Dak Song has more than 13,600 hectares of pepper but only about 1/ 6 is certificated of all types and only 178 hectares meet VietGAP standards, 352 hectares of pepper meet international organic standards, 150 hectares of pepper meet Vietnamese organic standards…


To solve the “problems” of Dak Song pepper, the “Sustainable pepper landscaping program” will focus on capacity-building activities, raising awareness of sustainable farming for pepper farmers.

In addition, the program also accompanies the project, enterprises have the role of supporting training, monitoring sustainable farming practices, and managing the use of agricultural chemicals. The target is to gradually increase the production of pepper to meet the standards of the export market.

According to Ms. Mac Tuyet Nga, Director of IDH Vietnam Spice Program, Deputy Steering Committee of Dak Song Pepper Landscape Program, IDH commits to accompany the locality to solve the problems existing in pepper development. In particular, IDH focuses on helping farmers access and understand what is the landscape in pepper production.

Mr. Le Viet Anh, Chief of Office of Vietnam Pepper Association also committed that: “Through the survey, the Association has grasped the whole pepper industry of the district. The association will have specific activities that contribute to the successful implementation of the project. ”

According to Mr. Vo Quoc Tuan, Vice Chairman of Dak Song District People’s Committee, together with the support of the project, local authorities will also continue to attract the participation of individuals, units, and enterprises to the program.

Since then, gradually forming a sustainable pepper raw material area, with large scale, high quality, meeting the domestic and international market demand.