Clausena Indica is a type of leaf that is picked from Clausena Indica trees. This tree also has another name “Hong bi nui” or “Cu khi”, belonging to the family of the Ruta graveolens L. with the scientific name Clausena Indica.

Clausena Indica tree. (Photo: Internet)

Clausena Indica leaves are dark green and in the form of feathers. The upper surface of the leaves is smooth and shiny with a thin layer of feathers on the back. This type of leaf contains a lot of aromatic essential oils, which are often used to grill together with food, making the dish fragrant and very attractive. Clausena Indica leaves are also used as a material in traditional medicine with many health benefits to people.

Clausena Indica leaves are dark green and in the form of feathers. (Photo: Internet)


A spice used in dishes

Clausena Indica leaf has a huge effect on Vietnamese cuisine, making the dish’s identity known to many people. Thanks to the aromatic essential oil, many people often use it in roasted duck, roasted pork, roasted chicken, roasted meat, fish stock, etc. Just two or three Clausena Indica leaves are enough to flavor your dish.

Roasted skewers with Clausena Indica leaves. (Photo: Internet)

Good for the digestive system

Clausena Indica leaves have a good effect on the digestive system, balancing the bacterial flora in the intestinal tract, stimulating digestion, and preventing intestinal infections. Thereby, this herb helps reduce diseases related to the digestive system.

In addition, Clausena Indica leaves also remove excess toxins from the human body and treat digestive diseases such as heartburn or bloating, etc.

Clausena Indica leaves have a good effect on the digestive system.

Protect the liver

Clausena Indica leaves contain ethanol essential oil that protects the liver well. It has the ability to inhibit liver enzymes, and strengthen the immune system against pathogenic bacteria and viruses. So, in traditional medicine, it’s used in combination with other medicines to effectively treat liver diseases.

Clausena Indica leaves help to protect the liver very well.

Anti-inflammatory and pain relief

Inflammation is the body’s normal protective response to damage. During the inflammation, there are processes: Contaminated healing, tissue damage, and circulatory disorders, causing pain and discomfort.

Ethanol essential oil in Clausena Indica leaves has the ability to resist oxidation, and prevent harmful agents such as bacteria, microorganisms, chemical, and physical factors, etc. Patients when using herbs from Clausena Indica leaves will feel the body is greatly improved.

Clausena Indica leaves help fight inflammation and reduces pain.


Currently, on the market, Clausena Indica leaves are sold in many places. You can buy them at specialized food stores or in stores that sell ornamental plants.

You can also order through e-commerce sites to be able to buy it in provinces specializing in Clausena Indica leaves cultivation. Sellers in the province often dry the leaves for delivery to distant buyers and the selling price will be different as follows:

  • Fresh Clausena Indica leaves picked directly from the tree: 120,000 VND/kg;
  • Clausena Indica leaves dried by the cold drying method, which still ensures the color and taste: 250,000 VND/kg

Both fresh and dried Clausena Indica leaves are available in the market./.