Nowadays, mountain people in Van Yen province is calling Cinnamon as their golden tree. With more than 30,000 hectar of Cinnamon trees, the farmers from Van Yen is happy with their income. Covid attacked Vietnam since February, there was lockdown in April, July-August. However, the demand of Cinnamon products are still increasing.

(Moutain farmers collect the raw Cinnamon Bark in season in April-May 2020)

Since 2015, the largest Vietnamese manufacturers/exporters start to promote their Cinnamon products in Exhibition. They bring Cinnamon Stick, Cinnamon Broken, Cinnamon Split, Cinnamon Powder to Gulfood, Anuga, Foodex Japan, etc. Hence, the world is knowing more and more about quality of Vietnamese Cinnamon. With the oil content of Cinnamon Stick is 6%, Vietnamese Cinnamon Loureiroi has the highest level of oil in compare with all other types of Cinnamon in the world. However, the price of its is still cheaper than Indonesian Cinnamon Burmanii. There is still lot of potential for producing and exporting Vietnamese Cinnamon products. This is the reason why the price of Cinnamon from Van Yen province not coming down since 2017.

Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 2.75cm organic, price of vietnam cinnamon stick(Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 2.75″ roll 90-95%)

Mr. Luy Van Luc in Van Chan commune said ” Our family grows Cinnamon since 1980, we have never had any dream that the price of fresh cinnamon could be 32,000 VND per kg. And from beginning of crop, many traders come to us for buying all cinnamon we would collect in a year. Our income increase, my children can come to schools, we can buy more foods, more clothes. We are happy and work hard to grow cinnamon every year”. In additional, the Vietnamese Government is supporting Van Yen farmers with lower interest rate from banks. Yen Bai Government officers ask the Enhancing Plant Organization to teach the farmers how to grow, harvest the Cinnamon better and better.

Manufacturer of cinnamon stick in Vietnam, producer of cinnamon stick from Vietnam(Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 2.75″ roll 90-95%)

The main markets of Vietnamese Cinnamon are now: India, Bangladesh, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Middle East countries. Since 2018, the EU countries such as: Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands started buying Cinnamon Stick, Cinnamon Powder from Vietnam. And in 2020, there are more and more American coutries buy Vietnamese Cinnamon. Some markets used to buy Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka in the past such as: Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, etc. Now they are changing to import Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick.

(Cinnamon Stick in 1kg PE bag x 10 in carton)

Besides of Conventional Cinnamon Stick, the US and EU markets are asking Vietnamese manufacturer/exporters for the Organic Cinnamon products. This is the new trend and new future for farmers from Van Yen province. Vu Thu Phuong said “I grow Cinnamon since I was 6. We use fertilizer and some chemicals to kill insects, worms. But when we joined Cinnamon Organic Cultivation plan, we do not use any of them. The organic cinnamon is being bought at price 38,000 VND per kg which help our family a lot”. Since 2018, there are a few manufacturers of Cinnamon invested in Organic Cinnamon Farms. And the demand for Organic Cinnamon Stick, Organic Saigon Cinnamon Ground are growing year by year.

(Organic Vietnam Cinnamon Stick, Organic Saigon Cinnamon Loureiroi 6% Oil Content)

Until September 2020, the price of Cinnamon in 2020 season increased more than 25%. It was $4500 per ton in 2019 and now price is $5700 per ton. However, the price of Vietnamese Cinnamon is still cheaper than Indonesian Cinnamon Cassia Vera which is almost $7000.