Cinnamon Stick from Vietnam is mostly harvested in Yenbai, Lao Cai, Quang Nam provinces. Total area of cinnamon cultivation is more than 150,000 ha. The annual quantity is 30000 tons of all cinnamon stick and others accordingly. But… 90% of total production fresh cinnamon is from Yen Bai. That is the North mountain areas of Vietnam.

Vietnam cinnamon stick has cheaper price than Srilanka while quality is higher. We make Vietnam Cinnamon Stick from fresh Cinnamon Bark

(Processing Vietnam cinnamon Stick with first step drying)

1. Processing from forest to table:  cinnamon stick from vietnam has very competitive price. In fact, there are 2 crops: main crop in April-May and sub crop in September-October each year. Furthermore, April/May season is summer time, quality of Cinnamon stick is the best in a year. Which is scroll percentage higher than it is in sub-crop. And the Cinnamon stick from Vietnam is well dried under sunshine. In summer season, the temperature is between 35*-42*C. Hence, assured fully dried of all cinnamon products.

As a partner, Elmar always recommend the clients to import Vietnam cinnamon in main season. In order to have the best price Cinnamon Stick in Vietnam and quality. Until now, we have been exporting Cassia products to more than 30 countries. For example: USA, Canada, Caribbean countries, EU, Middle East, Asian countries, etc. As a result, our team exported more than 9000 MTs of Cassia products in 2019.

Vietnam Cinnamon Stick packed in mesh bag 1kg, roll percentage is 90% and very thin stick.

 (Cinnamon Stick 7cm packing mesh bag 1kg)

2. Quality is our most concern: Our plant harvest and process it without using synthetic chemicals, pesticides, non GMO. The Cinnamon stick from Vietnam contains very high natural oil content. In addition, we monitor, register the quality of fresh cinnamon. And we also the process of cleaning, sorting, drying, packing and delivery. Therefore, QC team commit the high standards of food safety. Our factory operates under ISO22000:2018, SSOP and HACCP.

As indicated, the most advantage of Cinnamon Stick in Vietnam (cassia vera AA)  is oil content. Which is around 6%, double time higher than Indonesia and Chinese cassia original. However, the price is much cheaper. Accordingly, the cinnamon price in Vietnam is 50% cheaper than Ceylon Cinnnamon in Srilanka. Hence, the demand of Vietnamese Cinnamon dramatically increased from the other parts of the world for past 3 years. Though above… the price of cinnamon in Vietnam is still very competitive.

Vietnam Cinnamon Stick 30cm packed in 10kgs PE/carton

Vietnam Cinnamon Stick Length 30cm: 10kg net/carton ( Cinnamon Stick Long )

3. Regarding to the markets: Before 2014, we mainly export Cinnamon stick from Vietnam to India, Bangladesh. As result of a good quality cinnamon, competitive price, the rest of world is now buying from Vietnam.  For the past three years, demand has been strong growth in exports to more than 80 countries. For example: the American, EU countries, Middle East. People is using Cinnamon stick from Vietnam for replacement with Cassia Vera AA from Indonesia. Also the Ceylon cinnamon from Sri lanka is losing its own market because of this.

Vietnam Cinnamon Stick Long 40-50cm. We cut the Cinnamon Stick to different sizes 6cm-7cm-8cm-10cm-30cm-40cm

(Cinnamon stick from Vietnam with maximum length 50-60cm: in 10kgs carton)

In common, Cinnamon stick from Vietnam has size 6cm, 50-55cm. These size are consumed in American, EU countries. And the cinnamon stick size 8-10cm is mostly preferred by Middle East, Asian markets. There are several types of packing. For example: 1kg PE bag x 20 in carton, 1kg mesh bag x 20 in carton, bulk packing. The Cinnamon Stick price in Vietnam with retail packages is $120-150 per ton higher than bulk packing.

Buy broken cassia from Vietnam at cheaper price than Indonesian Cassia. Quality is similar, cleaned, well dried, prompt shipment.

(Broken Cassia inVietnam KABC 5% Oil Content)

Our factory process Vietnam Cassia Vera not only in whole/broken form but also in CINNAMON POWDER. For grinding purpose, we choose between 2 types of Cinnamon bark. Which are Broken Cassia KABC (5% oil content) and Cassia KBBC (with 1.5% oil content). This is depend on requirement of markets about quality and Ciinamon Powder price.

Price of Broken Cassia KBBC in Vietnam is cheaper than Indonesia while quailty is similar.

 (Broken Cassia KBBC in Vietnam )

With a vision of introducing a high quality Cassia and more competitive prices, we are looking forward to serve the people a wonderful taste of spices from Vietnam. Our business philosophy is to commit win – win cooperation among parties. Furthermore, we are doing the best to make the world better and better.

Cinnamon Powder after grinding Vietnam Cinnamon Stick. SVO of Cinnamon Powder is from 1% to 5% depends on customer's requirement.

 (Powder Cinnamon: Oil content 1.5-2-2.5-3% for EU and American market)

With modern factory, highly equipped, we are grinding Cinnamon powder 100% from Vietnam Cinnamon. We have advantages with cheaper labor cost, and near the plantation. Hence, Elmar is offering cinnamon powder is being offered at high quality, 100% pure, and very competitive price. The cinnamon powder has oil content from 1% to 5%. Although we export the most popular 2% oil content cinnamon powder.

All in all, we would like to offer you our high quality Vietnam Cinnamon Stick price based on terms and conditions:

Commodity: Cinnamon Stick from Vietnam

Trademark: Natural Elmar  or as per clients’ requirement
Types: Stick, Broken, Powder
Annual capacity: 10000 MTs or more than 900 MTs/month
Delivery time: 7-10 working days after receiving deposit or original L/C and label confirmation
Guarantee time: From April/May and September/October
Packing: 5kg – 10kg net/carton, 1kg mesh/PE bag x 10 in carton
Shelf life: 36 months

 (Tube Cinnamon 40-45cm with skin 3-3.5% oil content)

In summary, we would like to be your reliable partner for Vietnamese high quality cinnamon . In addition, if customers need samples, we will send them to customers. The samples are free but freight, customs fees, and other fees are customers’ responsibility.

Packing of Vietnam Cinnamon Stick, Cinnamon Powder in paper bag 25kgs

(Warehouse for storage CinnamonPowder)

We also produce the Split Cinnamon which is an importance spice for Indian dishes:

Vietnam Stick Cinnamon with skin, Split Cinnamon for Indian, Bangladesh markets

(Split Cassia/Cinnamon in 10kgs carton)

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