Cinnamon, the tree worth hundreds of million USD. It helps people in Yen Bai have a warm Tet Holidays although the COVID-19 pandemic has been spreading in Vietnam.

organic cinnamon plantation in Vietnam, organic cinnamon vietnam, organic cinnamon ground(Organic Cinnamon Plantation in the North mountains of Vietnam)

Arrive in Van Yen district, Yen Bai province, you will see cinnamon wherever you go. Formerly being a tree to alleviate poverty, it has now become a tree that enriches local farmers. Thanks to favorable climate and soil, the cinnamon growing area in the district currently is estimated at nearly 50,000 hectares. The area of cinnamon newly planted and planted in the exploited land is from 1,800 ha to 2,000 ha/year.

Each year, the output of cinnamon here exported to domestic and international markets is about 6,000 tons of dried cinnamon bark; the output of cinnamon leaves is about 63,000 tons/year; essential oil production is about 300 tons/year; the output of cinnamon wood is nearly 51,000 m3/year and many other products.

Up to now, cinnamon trees have been grown in all 27 communes and towns of Van Yen district and have been granted a geographical indication for the products in 8 communes in the region.

Every year, in March and August, farmers in the district start harvest season to provide raw materials for processing factories; wood furniture, or essential oil manufacturing facilities. Bark, wood, leaves, and even the roots of cinnamon have high economic value, so people take full advantage of them.

raw cinnamon, cinnamon stick, cinnamon tube, vietnam cinnamon stick

(Farmers pre-process Cinnamon Tube, remove the skin)

In Van Yen, Yen Bai province, cinnamon is identified as a key tree to help people get rich thanks to its higher economic value than other forest trees. Cinnamon is one of the “four treasures of oriental medicine” and also an indispensable cosmetic and spice ingredient in many dishes. Cinnamon trees are distributed throughout the country, including four concentrated cinnamon growing areas: Yen Bai, Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa – Nghe An, and Quang Nam – Quang Ngai.

Mr. Ha Duc Anh, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Van Yen District said: “This year, the economy faced many difficulties due to the impact of the COVID-19. However, Van Yen cinnamon still ensures the stability, and brings a prosperous life to the locals.”

The revenue from cinnamon trees brings Van Yen people over 700 billion VND each year. From the tree of hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, cinnamon becomes a tree to get rich for the district. The average income per capita is about 4 million VND/year, greatly contributing to the district budget to help Van Yen district complete political and economic tasks.

Mr. Lo Van Cong, Tien Len Cooperative, Mau A Center, Van Yen district said: “Due to the great market demand, the price of cinnamon this year is higher than last year. Enterprises are also looking for directions for cinnamon products to domestic and foreign markets to cope with the pandemic, however, due to the impact of the pandemic, exports have been slower than usual. However, compared with many other products, cinnamon this year remains stable, cinnamon businesses and farmers have a higher income than last year. Hopefully, in the new year, the Covid-19 pandemic will be extinguished so that people can do business in peace, manufacturing enterprises have more export directions.”

Since August 1st, 2020, Van Yen cinnamon is one of 39 Vietnamese products introduced to the EU under the EVFTA.

(Cinnamon Stick is being packed in 1kg PE bag)
Cinnamon is processed into a variety of products from raw to highly processed with high added value. Moreover, organic cinnamon growing areas have begun to be promoted and achieved high efficiency. USDA-standard organic cinnamon is popular in the US and Canada, gradually bringing stable output for high-value cinnamon products of Vietnam.