Currently, farmers in Chi Linh city (Hai Duong province) are busy entering the longan harvest, while traders and enterprises in many other provinces coming to buy.

Chi Linh city (Hai Duong) currently has 746 hectares of longan. (Photo: Phung Nguyen)

Chi Linh city currently has 746 hectares of longan, concentrated in Hoang Tien, Hoang Tan, Ben Tam, Bac An wards, and Hoang Hoa Tham, Le Loi communes. To improve the quality of longan and expand the export market, this year, the city continues to produce 200 hectares of longan under VietGAP standards and 20 hectares under GlobalGAP standards.

Chi Linh’s early ripening longan is ready for harvest from July 3-30. The late ripening longan will be harvested from August 12-22. The production of longan is expected to reach 3,800 tonnes this year.

The production group of longan No. 1, Hoang Tien Ward has been certified VietGap with a total area of 20 ha. (Photo: Phung Nguyen)

Chi Linh longan is known for its special sweet taste, color, and uniform size. To improve productivity, quality, and consumption, Chi Linh city has promoted the application of science and technology in production. In particular, the city has applied technical measures for longan to bloom and bear fruits, some advanced technologies to limit the harmful insects, and produced under the VietGAP process.

Mr. Nguyen Van Vien (production group No. 1, VietGap standardized products) – one of the households with a longan garden meeting export standards in Tan Tien residential area, Hoang Tien ward (Chi Linh) said that: The total area of longan of his family is about 2 hectares, including 500 early longan trees and 500 main season longan trees. The whole area has been certified VietGAP.

Hai Duong’s longan meets the strict standards of many difficult markets. (Photo: Phung Nguyen)

 “Chi Linh longan is increasingly confirmed its brand name in both domestic and foreign markets, with good and stable models as well as quality. Recently, Chi Linh longan has been granted a collective certification and Hoang Tien longan product has achieved the 3-star OCOP product. This year’s season, due to unfavorable weather, longan did not flower much, the percentage of fruit-bearing is more than 60%. However, the price of early longan remained at the high level of about 40,000-50,000 VND/kg, ” Mr. Vien shared.

Ms. Le Thi Hue, Deputy Head of Economic Department of Chi Linh city said that: Recently, the local has planned longan areas. Along with that, the city has also strengthened training and technology transfer to farmers in the longan growing area and coordinated with specialized agencies to issue certificates of longan production under VietGAP standards. At the same time, the city ensured the use of fertilizers and pesticides allowed to be used, meeting the standards of product hygiene and safety.

According to the representative of Chi Linh City People’s Committee, to meet export standards,  the Plant Protection Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) has issued 12 new codes of longan growing areas in the city eligible for export.

In particular, there are 4 export codes to Australia, 4 export codes to the US, and 4 export codes to Thailand. This increased the total number of longan areas for exports to 28 codes to the EU, UK, Japan, China, Australia, USA, and Thailand. The province and the city have also developed a trade promotion plan for longan products, actively contacting domestic consumers and exporting to foreign countries.