In March 2024, Vietnam exported 55,000 tons of cashew nuts, worth 289 million USD, twice as much as the previous month.

The above data has just been cited by the Import-Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) from Customs. Accumulated in the first quarter, cashew nut exports reached 147,000 tons, worth 782 million USD, up 32% and 20.5% respectively over the same period last year.

Cashew nut exports have increased strongly.

Exporters said that the demand for cashew nuts in the world has increased strongly. In particular, this nut is increasingly becoming a healthy nutritious food used by many people every day.

Vietnam mainly exports cashew nuts W320 (white cashew nut type 320) and W240 (nut type 240), accounting for 56.71% of total cashew exports. The export growth of W320 and W240 has a positive impact on the industry’s performance.

In terms of market, the US is Vietnam’s largest cashew nut importer. Meanwhile, China is an active buyer.

According to the Vietnam Cashew Association, with the development of technology, Vietnam’s cashew nuts are being competed with other countries, especially those with strengths in raw cashews such as Ivory Coast. Therefore, the cashew industry needs to focus on processing quality and variety of processed products to increase its competitive advantage.

Last year, cashew exports hit a record of 3.64 billion USD, 18% exceeding the plan. It is forecast that the cashew industry still has a lot of room for export growth and can reach the target of 04 billion USD this year./.