Is there any price of Broken Cassia in Vietnam good and economical for grinding? Yes, KABC is the most suitable choice. From same mountains of cinnamon cassia in Yen Bai. Hence, the product has pure high quality.

Vietnamese girls are happy with good quality raw cassia. From this, manufacturers will make Cinnamon Stick, Cinnamon Powder, and good price of broken cassia in Vietnam.

 (Dao girls are collecting fresh Cinnamon Cassia on Mountains of Yenbai, Vietnam)

If you look for a high quality raw cassia for ready grinding, again, Broken Cassia in Vietnam is it.

The broken cassia KABC is pure clean, no metal, stone, cigarette, etc. Moreover, the product is sorted 2 times. At first step, the Broken Cassia is screened by machine to remove foreign matters. And second step, 5 highly skilled workers spend hours to take out tiny admixture from Broken Cassia KABC.

The price of broken cassia in Vietnam is cheaper than Indonesian Cassia KBBC, KABC. Quality of Vietnam Cassia KABC is extremly high with SVO 5% minimum

(Vietnam Broken Cassia KABC oil content 5% min)

How the quality is?

As you know, we use to see Cassia Vera in super markets at high prices. However, This Broken Cassia KABC is small pieces, unrolled Cassia Vera. The oil content of its is almost 6%, as well as Cassia Vera. Beside that, we dry cassia well under sunshine 35*C, hot summer of tropical country. Thus, the product is enough weight, fully dried, no mold, fungus. On the contrary, the price of broken cassia in Vietnam is cheaper than Cassia KABC, KBBC from Indonesia.

Vietnam Broken Cassia KABC
Moisture: 13.5% max
Oil content (VO): 5.5-6%
Admixture: 0.5% max
Packed in: carton 10kgs or PP bag
Container capacity: 8 tons in 20DC or 18 tons in 40HC

Moreover, the shelf life of the product is 36 months. Thus, this is great help for all factories for planning production, sourcing.

Therefore, again, this is high quality raw cassia for grinding. Once again, we confirm that the price of broken cassia in Vietnam is the best for girinding purpose.

How is it packing?

We pack Broken Cassia KABC carefully in new clean PP bag 25kg or carton 10kgs. And the pack is strong enough for long transportation to far countries. For example: EU countries, Middle East, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, etc

 (Broken Cassia in Vietnam packing 10kgs carton)

When is the best time to buy?

The crop of cinnamon cassia in Vietnam started from April and end in June. Therefore, if you want to take broken cassia at the cheapest price, kindly do from April to June

As a leading manufacturer of raw/processed spices, we Elmar assure quality from forest to table.

How the Cinnamon Cassia Powder after grinding looks like ?

The price of Broken Cassia from Vietnam is very competitive for grinding purpose. The Cinnamon Powder after grinding is pure clean, strong smell and spicy.

(Cinnamon Powder, the product after grinding Cassia KABC)

The Cinnamon Powder has 6% oil content. Of course, this is the highest oil content Cinnamon Powder in the world. Furthermore, its color is dark brown, a very spicy and flavored Cinnamon Powder.

Do you have any less expensive than the KABC one?

Yes, for grinding purchase, at cheaper price, we have better price of Broken Cassia in Vietnam.

Price of Broken Cassia KBBC in Vietnam is cheaper than Indonesia while quailty is similar.

(Broken Cassia in Vietnam Cheaper Price than Cassia KBBC from Indonesia)

If you look for lesser spicy of Cinnamon Cassia, the KBBC is good choice. The Cinnaldehyde is 0.5 – 3.5% depends on client’s requirement.

In fact, we clean the product in 2 steps, same as Broken Cassia KABC. But the Broken Cassia KBBC is sub product of Split Cassia. During splitting, pressing, split cassia is broken.

 Best price broken cassia KBBC in Vietnam, cassia KBBC cheap price, SVO 1.5% min new crop cinnamon cassia in Vietnam
(Price of Broken Cassia from Vietnam is cheaper than Indonesia while SVO is higher)
Vietnam Broken Cassia
Moisture: 13.5% max
Oil content (SVO): 1.5-4%
Admixture: 1% max
Packed in: carton 10kgs or PP bag
Container capacity: 8 tons in 20DC or 18 tons in 40HC

In addition, its pieces is sorted, hand selected sizes, and remove foreign matters before packing in carton.

Same as  KABC, the KBBC is also ready for grinding. Because it is clean, no stone, butts, mold or fungus fully dried.

As result, the prices of Cinnamon Cassia types are all increasing higher. From 2015 till 2019, the prices of Cinnamon Cassia moved up 25% already. Especially the Broken Cassia KABC, the price increased 30%.

Would you like to buy Broken Cassia KABC best price in Vietnam? Let Elmar serve you!