The recent dry and hot weather in key growing areas has affected pepper plants. Concerns about decreased supply have caused pepper price to go up strongly.

In the Central Highlands and Southeast, pepper price still maintains the same level as in most key regions. Only in Dak Nong province, the price has increased slightly by 500 VND/kg.

Accordingly, pepper in Dak Lak province continues to be purchased at 103,000 VND/kg. The price in Chu Se district (Gia Lai province) is now at 102,000 VND/kg. Pepper price in Dak Nong province recorded a slight increase of 500 VND/kg, to 103,000 VND/kg.

The recent dry and hot weather in key growing areas has affected pepper plants.

In the Southeast, pepper price continue to remain. Accordingly, in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, pepper price is currently at 103,000 VND/kg, while in Binh Phuoc province, it stands firmly at 102,000 VND/kg.

Thus, pepper prices fluctuate around the price range of 102,000 – 103,000 VND/kg.

According to experts, pepper prices will continue to increase in the coming time due to supply pressure. Dry and hot weather in key growing areas has affected pepper plants. There is a risk that supply will decrease, so pepper price will increase.

The market expects that China’s strong purchasing power soon will help domestic pepper price keep going up.

Vietnam remains the leading position in the world in terms of pepper production and export. However, in the context of competition and favorable market fluctuations for other crops such as coffee and durian, the area and output of Vietnam’s pepper are decreasing. The decreased supply and increasing consumer demand will push pepper price up further.

Challenges for this industry are still ahead when supply for export is forecast to be low. Vietnam now has to increase imports from other countries.

On the world market, according to data from the International Pepper Association (IPC), at the end of the last weekend trading session, the prices of black pepper Lampung (Indonesia) stabilized at 4,902 USD/ton and black pepper Brazil ASTA 570 was 4,900 USD/ton. The price of white pepper Muntok and white pepper Malaysia ASTA were 6,447 USD/ton and 7,300 USD/ton, respectively.

According to IPC, the pepper market last week showed mixed reactions. Only black pepper Cambodia was reported to decrease. The price of India’s pepper on the domestic and international markets continued to increase over the past 4 weeks./.